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Flight from Charlotte to Las Vegas, how long & more!

Picture this: You're standing in the heart of Charlotte, the Queen City. The scents of southern comfort food waft through the air, jazz music lingers in the city's soul, and the buzzing energy of uptown surrounds you. Suddenly, a thought occurs to you—Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Sign
Las Vegas Sign

The clinking of slot machines, the neon glow of the Las Vegas Strip, the rush of the desert air…there's an incredible city waiting for you on the other side of the vast American skies, and it's your time to seize the moment. But just how long is that chariot in the clouds going to take to transport you from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to McCarran International Airport, also now known as Harry Reid International airport in fabulous Las Vegas?

In this blog post, we'll take you on a narrative quest—complete with practical details, insider tips, and a sprinkle of airborne wonder—to guide you from Charlotte to the heart of Sin City. People from North Carolina and the northern South Carolina area of the United States use CLT for their flights. But even people that live in Virginia and West Virginia that can drive to Charlotte Douglas Airport, it might be worth it for the price. Your adventure begins now, so fasten your seatbelt and prepare for takeoff, and find out how long is the flight from Charlotte to Las Vegas!

The Fleet of the Queen City: Non-stop Flight to the Oasis

Spirit Boarding Pass
Spirit Boarding Pass

The Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT) is like a well-oiled machine, guiding travelers seamlessly through its domestic and international terminals. Because of its strategic location, direct flights to Las Vegas don't just begin your vacation—they make it a breeze.

The past couple years there have been delays at CLT due to construction and remodels, but the worst is over, so you should not have to arrive at the airport 3 hours early due to those issues anymore.

There are several commercial airlines that offer flights to LAS from CLT. From budget Airlines like Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines, that tend to have the lowest prices. To the typically more known major airlines than tend to be more expensive airlines like American, Delta, Jet Blue, and United Airlines. These major airlines tend to be the most popular airlines to fly on, but in my opinion, I prefer the budget airlines as long as you avoid the hidden fees for picking a seat or the expensive luggage prices. All of these different airlines offer flights on a daily basis.

How long is the flight from Charlotte to Las Vegas: Non-stop

The tale of a nonstop flight from Charlotte to Las Vegas is one of swift convenience. You'll board your trusty vessel and set course for the West, and before you know it, the Carolina pines will give way to the rugged majesty of the Mojave Desert.

Picture from the plane getting closer to Vegas
picture from plane getting closer to Vegas

The average flight time for a nonstop flight from Charlotte to Las Vegas is around 4 hours and 15 minutes (wheels in the air). This is your express ticket, your red-eye respite, your no-nonsense way to start indulging in the Vegas delights. From high above, you’ll be able to trace the Mississippi River, peer down at the infinity of the Great Plains, and finally, see the lights of Vegas stretch out like an electrified carpet beneath you. Sometimes when I was sitting on the left side of the plane, I could see the Grand Canyon, and Lake Mead. If you sit on the right side of the plane, you will easily see the Vegas Strip. The flight distance is not terrible, but extremely longer if you are used to flying from Charlotte to any Florida airport, Boston or NYC.

My flight on Spirit Airlines on March 6th, 2024, left CLT at 7:30AM and landed at 9:38 AM Las Vegas Time. Remember there is a 3-hour time difference between Charlotte and Las Vegas. This time includes taxi time at both CLT and LAS also. Right now, this is the earliest flight that is non-stop to Las Vegas leaving from Charlotte NC.

This flight only cost me $106, this is for a round-trip flight that was also non-stop with my return flight on March 12th. This is the best price for the whole month of March and I took advantage of it. Travel dates will make the prices of the airfare very significantly. The cheapest month to typically travel from Charlotte NC to Las Vegas is January, with February being a close second. Luckily this early March date had great prices.

Luxor Pool
Luxor Pool

The reason for this is the resorts are not as full, this is winter, so you usually will have real chilly mornings, in fact most of the resort's pools are not open. This week while I was here, the Luxor pool opened for the first time on March 8th. Still this morning's temperature was 56 degrees Fahrenheit, and just in the lower 70’s during the day. Perfect for me, but not perfect pool weather. This is the average temperature for early March, with January and February being around 10 degrees colder, still it will be unlikely to have snow in Vegas, but the surrounding mountain areas will have snow, even in March. So, if you are looking for the lowest price, pick winter before the temperatures rise.

Remember Travel agents can also be helpful in finding the best deal or cheapest flight. Google Flights and Hooper tend to be useful in watching prices on flights too. They will even send you flight alerts. Also remember last-minute flight options tend to be more expensive. Best prices usually are 3 months out. This is the best average time to buy flights in the United States.

The return trip on the 12th, will still possibly take 4:15 minutes, but at times they land a little quicker due to the jet stream. My flight and almost every other flight I have taken back from LAS to CLT have been the latest flight possible, red eye flights. Leaving at 10PM or later and arriving early the next day. Remember you have to add 3 hours back to your flight time because you are changing time zones back to the Eastern time zone. So even though my flight leaves on the 12th, I will not arrive back in Charlotte till the 13th,

The only issue is that their luggage fees are more expensive so pack light. I pack a small backpack as a personal item, or if I overstuff it I will pay for it to be a carry-on piece of luggage that will cost about $60 each way. Checked baggage can cost you $65 each way.

Hot Stuff Slot Machine
Hot Stuff Slot Machine

Some of you might not like the thoughts of an early flight out of CLT, if you have a 7:30 flight you will need to arrive at the airport at 5:30, sometimes even earlier depending if the airport is working on their remodel or if you are flying near the holidays. Early morning flights are the best though, with an early morning departure time you are less likely to be delayed, where flights later in the day can be delayed more likely due to a variety of reasons. Storms tend to get worse in the afternoons and evenings especially in the summer, so I love flying out on the earliest flights to avoid delays.

No matter which airline you take, budget or not, the time will be very similar as long as there are not delays at the airport due to taxiing around the airport or weather-related issues that could cause a delay. The flight itself will usually be around 4 hours and 15 minutes.

I haven't found a decent price on American Airlines for a nonstop flight since Spirit came to town. Sure, the competition between airlines typically lower prices. I have seen that happen with the American flight to NYC or Boston since Spirit has started flying there also. But for Las Vegas I have not found deals on American Airlines.

The Joys of Journeying Uninterrupted

View of part of the Strip
View of part of the Strip

Choosing a nonstop flight is like taking the express lane on the highway of travel—it maximizes your time and minimizes the stress. Forget about layovers and tight connections; instead, use that saved time to plan the layout of your hotel's grand suite, to scout out the best buffets, or to dream up a strategy to conquer the casinos. Nonstop flights are the definitive start to your Vegas tale.

Las Vegas Harry Reid Intl. is the airport located in Clark County and just a stone's throw away from the southern part of the Strip. The driving distance from the airport to the Luxor Resort and Casino is 2.8 miles or 7 minutes, as long as it is not peak rush hour. This means that Harry Reid is the nearest airport to the Strip.

If you are staying in downtown Las Vegas the airport is only 9.5 miles and 17 minutes away! Fremont street is a great place for cheap hotels and has a really great night life. Try staying at Circa or one of my favorites Golden Nugget. I love their shark area. 

Airborne Odyssey: Flights with a Layover

Sometimes, the cosmos aligns to extend your interlude amongst the clouds. Layovers in Denver International Airport can transform what was once merely travel into a chance for a micro-adventure.

Paris Resort and Casino
Paris Resort and Casino

I have taken 2 flights involving Las Vegas that have had layovers and they have been on Frontier Airlines. The flight was cheap, but the layover going to Denver was 4 hours, so it made for a long delay. Total time with layovers and flight was 8:45 minutes. Coming back on that very same trip I had a layover in Orlando for 2 hours before arriving back in Charlotte NC. Total time was over 9 hours between the 2 flights and layover. I have even seen flights with layovers in Fort Lauderdale before arriving at CLT. That makes no sense to me. But if it happens to be cheaper, and you don't mind the extra time, go for it.

All airlines will offer layover flights usually, but for right now they tend to be more expensive than the direct flight offered by Spirit Airlines from Charlotte NC.

Spirit Airlines is a budget airline, and a lot of people refuse to take it, or make jokes about them, due to stories they have heard or issues they have had in the past. In my experience at now 14 flights with Spirit, I have only had one that has been delayed and that was because the flight attendant called out of work at the last minute due to testing positive for covid. Airlines are required to fly with a certain number of employees on the plane, by law, so we were delayed until another flight attendant was called in, 1 hour and 15 minutes later we were able to board the plane and take off. To me that is not a serious delay.

Hilton Rewards

The Tapas of Travel: Layovers, Stretched and Savored

It makes sense when booking airfare to “Sin City”, if you have to choose a flight with a layover, to pick a flight going west, in the direction you need to travel anyway to get to Las Vegas. Denver is a great option, and one I will choose if I have to have a layover.

For those who like to combine their travel with a tasting menu of destinations, flights from Charlotte to Las Vegas with a layover in Denver can stretch from a simple A-To-B to a multi-course experience. On my layover I had plenty of time to head to the food court and eat Panda Express, which is basic generic Chinese Food, but still yummy.

random airport picture

With a layover, your total travel time might come in at around 6 to 7 hours, if you have a short layover. While this might mean a longer day of travel, it also means stretching your legs in the Mile High City, sampling some of its legendary craft beer, and perhaps even seeing the sunset over the Rocky Mountains before your onward flight to the flashing welcome of Las Vegas. Still do not plan to explore Denver on a layover unless you have over a 5-hour layover. Denver is such an amazing city you should spend more than just a layover exploring this wonderful place. So, take the time to explore Denver airport, there are a lot of interesting things to see, from cryptic murals, a groundbreaking baggage carousel, and an overall mysterious ambiance; an intriguing precursor to the eclectic wonderland that is Las Vegas. If you are curious as to what I am talking about read this article about the airport. Very interesting.

Layovers aren't interruptions; they're opportunities if you let them be. Use apps to find the best meal within an airport, catch up on reading at a quiet gate where your next flight will call home.

Packing Provisions and Planning Ahead

Are you one to prepare a carry-on that holds the secrets to a successful flight? Perhaps a neck pillow designed for the intricate crannies of your vertebral column. The long flight may not be the most comfortable. Neck pillows will help you if you plan on sleeping.

Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas
Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas

If you can’t sleep on the plane, plan on having something to do. A novel that's been waiting to send you into the world of the wild west, or a charger that holds the magical connections to your in-flight entertainment dreams. You can buy wi-fi on any airline these days and each airline has a different cost, but right now I know that Spirit is $16 each way, and it worked most of the time. Only once did it goof up while we were in the air and it was figured out within 1 minute.

Planning is key. Research the dimensions of items allowed in your carry-on, check weight limits for checked baggage, and consider the climate changes from the Carolina coast to the desert delights of Nevada—make room for layers. Remember, the thrill of the preparation is often as joyous as the moment you finally touch down in a new city. Do not over pack, I find the more luggage I carry the more stress I have, so I tend to pack light. Remember that in life, things will just weigh you down.

Another thing to keep in mind with it being a little bit over a 4 hour flight, you might want to pay extra for a more comfortable seat in first class. On the flight I took on March 6th I could have upgraded to a first class seat for $50 each way. I did not do this, because I am trying to be budget friendly, but airplane seats are not the most comfortable, and budget flights tend to be less comfortable.

For either non-stop or flights with a layover the above info is great. Always keep that info in mind for any trip, not just Las Vegas.

Seating Strategies and Airborne Comfort

Golden Nugget
Golden Nugget

The philosophical question of "aisle or window" remains a crucial part of your in-flight narrative. The choice changes the scenes; the aisle seat invites repetition and freedom; the window immerses you in the grandeur of the skies. Decide whether you crave the independence of easily exiting aisles or the artist's perspective a window provides. It's your choice; your odyssey.

For comfort, choose your clothes wisely. Prepare for the climate of both cities, but also for the microclimate of the plane. Dress in layers, wear shoes that can slip off easily for the customary TSA check as well as in-flight relaxation, and don socks if the shoes you choose will bestow the luxury of an airborne bivouac.

My suggestion to those of you with circulatory issues or those that just have more pain in the legs. Wear compression socks, they can be helpful on long flights with keeping the blood circulating. Also drink plenty of water before a flight.

Signature Over Sin

Be it the must-see attractions like the Bellagio fountains or more covert delights of trying to win big while gambling, Las Vegas offers a canvas of experiences. The flight is just part of it; the flight is a passage to possibility, promising tales that range from unforgettable concerts to the thrill of taking a leap from the Stratosphere. Visit the downtown area of Fremont street for a lively night of dancing, drinking and people watching.

Travel is more than just a question of how; it’s a matter of why. A nonstop flight from Charlotte to Las Vegas can whisk you there, but it’s a matter of personal perspective that makes the story unique. The essence of trips is forged in moments—those tiny numbers ticking slowly as you cross the country, those miles that pass under the aircraft's belly, and the anticipation that comes from every announcement, every slight bump, and every surprising pocket of turbulence.


In conclusion, "how long" is only one part of the story. The real narrative of travel is found in how we spend our time, how we prepare, and in the celestial epiphanies that even the most seasoned of travelers can find in the act of ascending through the clouds. For Charlotte to Las Vegas, the skies offer an elegant and exciting through-line, but the true treasure trove is in what happens when your feet hit the ground.

Your Las Vegas adventure is waiting to write itself. All that's left is for you to pack your bags, board your flight, and see what awaits between departure and arrival. Prepare for excitement, prepare for wonderment, and most importantly, prepare for a story to add to your personal mythos. Your adventure begins now—embrace it fully and fly forth toward the lights of the splendid oasis that is Las Vegas!

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