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Save us, in Vegas (part 2)..... Free or cheap things to do

Updated: Jan 13

Like I have said a million times, I lose at gambling in Vegas, so I need things to do that are cheap and free. My plan if to show you things to make you say hum........ Going to Vegas is more than just gambling. With all the people watching, lights and great food. Here is a list of my favorite activities and attractions.

Las Vegas Attractions

*Welcome to Vegas sign= free, on south side of strip closer to airport. Stop and take a pic, everyone seems to and there is plenty of parking, it is always crowded.

Welcome to Vegas sign
Welcome to Vegas sign

*Flamingo habitat- The Flamingo Casino and Hotel- Free, along with Flamingos they have other birds including swans and ducks. Also huge fish. Verify with hotel that they are there, during bird flu they are taken off exhibit.


*Bellagio Fountains- Bellagio Casino and Hotel- Free. In front of the Hotel is nice, but for a different view stand on the second level walking path leaving the Bellagio like you are going towards Aria, Its Free. If you want to spend some money, watch the Fountain from the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and Casino. It offers a neat view to and costs around $25 bucks. Cheaper if you stay at Paris.

*Bellagio art installation, Bellagio Hotel and Casino- Free, beautiful hanging glass sculpture, made by Chihuly. (Side note when in Seattle go to Chiluly Garden and Glass, beautiful, and another blog sometime.)

*Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens- Free. beautiful plants and butterfly's, they change the looks of it several times a year. Free to talk thorough.

*Volcano and waterfall-The Mirage- Free. See it while you can, the hotel has been bought by Hard Rock, and it will be disappearing soon.

Mirage Volcano
Mirage Volcano area

*Walking through the Venetian and watch the Gondolas- The Venetian Hotel and Casino- Free. They have the Gondolas outside, but also inside on the upper floors where the shops are and it is absolutely beautiful. If you want to ride Gondolas, it will cost you $34 unless you find a discount. Sometimes you see it on Groupon cheaper.

*Walking through Caeser's Palace- Free. plenty of statues and the shopping area has large fish tanks which are neat to see.

*Pinball Hall of Fame- Free to enter, South side of strip close to Welcome to Vegas sign. You have a favorite pinball machine from your past, I bet they have it here, it just costs quarters to play them. They have other old time games to play too.

*Ride the rollercoaster to at New York, New York, it not free, but if you play My Vegas Slots, an app to download to play on your phone. You get discount tickets for the roller coaster as long as you earn points from play time on app. (BTW there are lots of discounts you can take advantage of for Vegas)

The last thing I can tell you to do on the strip, people watch and just look at all the beautiful buildings.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Las Vegas can be an expensive place if you gamble but these attractions will help you with your budget. If you all want my help in research, advice and help with booking, just make an appointment on my website. If you would like to do to the flight research on your own, check out the link below.

This post contains affiliate links, that means if you click on them, & buy that I might get a commission, at no cost to you.

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