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Dream of Travel

I dream of travel. I love the research, exploring a new area, diving deep into the culture, or just sitting relaxing at a beach. It is all so magical to me. I should have started this website years ago, but fear kept me away. After 14 cruises, visits to Alaska, France, England, Iceland, Azores, Spain, Portugal, Italy and several territories in Canada. Plus, many road trips all over the east and west coast of the United States. I know my experience and passion would change my life, and quite possibly, yours too.


My Mission

I want to help everyone travel to their dream destinations, affordably. Read my blogs describing places I've visited and random advice about packing your luggage. I want to help you with your travel research, bookings, and give advice on places I have been or have longed to go. I am a Certified Travel Agent that prefers to keep my fees low, to help the budget traveler. I am also available to give tours of Charlotte NC and surrounding areas to help you explore my hometown!


Let me help you visit the places of your dreams and have a great time while you're there. There are endless places to go. Life is short - start now! I will be happy to be your guide. Contact me for more information.


Let me help you explore the many beautiful corners of the world!

Angie Lowe - Travel Blogger & Advisor
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