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Save us, in Las Vegas (part 3).... Fremont Street area.

Updated: May 27

Old town, Fremont Street, Glitter Gulch, whatever you want to call it, go and explore this area of Las Vegas. The downtown area is a wonderful place, especially at night, with all the music and dancing. But daytime isn't shabby at all. So, either way, take some time to visit Fremont Street, as long as you watch your gambling there are plenty of things to see and do on a budget.

Fremont Street Las Vegas, what I do

Parking can cost if you park in the parking building, or lots that are close by. But there is several free parking areas near by you can walk from. My favorite is a Main Street Casino. It is an old casino with a few old relics from the past that are neat to see. Plus they have a decent buffet with the best fried chicken in Vegas, In the men's bathroom you can see part of the Berlin Wall. Real neat for history buffs, and women can go in and see it, just ask to go inside so you don't get another free show. lol. I typically leave Main Street Station and walk across the street and enter in the side of The California Hotel and Casino (you can enter from the back also) to rub Happy Buddha's Belly for good luck then gamble for a few. During my last trip to Vegas, The California has a large slot win, maybe she rubbed Buddha's Belly. While there take a look at the plaques on the wall, of the big winners in Vegas. Then walk out the front of hotel and you are 1 block away from Fremont Street or look left and you will see Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino.

Fremont Street
Fremont Street

Attractions on Fremont Street Las Vegas

There are several things to see and explore on Fremont. Go to Fremont during the day or night. The night life is the busiest, with the best people watching and it is a party. Concerts and music, the Viva Vision Light Show is free and you can do the SlotZilla Zip line down the strip if interested but it is not free, costing $54. My favorite thing is the people watching, it's free.

*Circa Resort and Casino is a new and exciting hotel with an amazing outdoor pool area. Definitely worth checking out if having lazy pool side day. Reserve a time and date and pay online for this pools, but a warning it is expensive. Also, Circa also has the largest sportsbook screen in history.

*Golden Nugget, a Vegas Classic, with their huge shark tank, its free from the casino area. And if interested on a closer look at the sharks you can slide down a 3 story water slide that gets you up close to the sharks, but not to close. lol. Reserve a time and pay online to set up time in the pool area, it's amazing, but expensive.

Hilton Honors

*The Plaza Hotel and Casino. When this hotel opened it was the largest in the world. Check out the pictures of the past 50 years of Vegas, and there is memorabilia of Mayor Oscar Goodman. You can easily figure out which hotel this one is by the Murals on the building. In the future they will have a Pinkbox donut, and they are working on a new smoke free casino area.

*The D Hotel and Casino has the world's largest Keno board. While there check out the sexy dancing dealer, just look up. lol. Also Sigma derby racing..... which is my favorite thing to do. You don't have to bet, you can just cheer on your favorite plastic horse. And rumor has it part of the Blarney Stone is here, so check it out, its free.

*The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino has interesting artifacts also, like gaming ledgers from the early 1900's, vintage chips and so much more. This is the oldest casino in Las Vegas. The history of this hotel is great, it opened in 1906.

*The Freemont which is a sister hotel to The California has an area of plaques for people who had a hot roll with the dice in craps. It is neat to see.

*Binion's Gambling Hall and Hotel. What a wild and crazy history this casino has had. Check out the free spin slot machine, you can win goodies. The hotel part of Binion's is Hotel Apache as a nod to the original Hotel Apache in the area. This is also a NO RESORT FEE hotel!!!!!!! Check it out, it will remind you of the past.

*Four Queens Hotel and Casino, NO RESORT FEE!!! I repeat, NO RESORT FEE!!! lol. Save some money, This is the sister hotel to Binion's/Hotel Apache, and right in the middle of all the action. Check out the free spin slot machine, you can win big.

*Take a pic of Cowboy Vic, you can't miss him. My pic is below.

Cowboy VIc
Cowboy Vic

*Heart Attack Grill is also located here, It is an experience, waitresses are nurses, and be prepared to be spanked by them if you don't finish your meal, Burgers can have 40 pieces of bacon if you want. It will definitely be an unhealthy experience, but fun, and we all need some fat in our lives from time to time.

Attractions near Fremont Street Las Vegas


*Evil Kneivel Pizza Joint, across the street (Las Vegas Blvd) from Heart Attack Grill. Check out the statue of Evil Kneivel and also a stuffed big horn sheep, its free and the pizza is good too.

*The Mob Museum is amazing, so much to see. It will take you back to the days the mob ruled Vegas, but it has so much more than just Vegas mob related items. The cost is $29.95, buy on their website it will be cheapest, and walkable from Fremont, just 3 blocks north, or if you park at Main Street Station, just walk down to the opposite end of Stewart St. There is parking closer to Museum if the walk is not for you.

*Neon Museum, stroll through the old sign graveyard. There are so many old signs, it is a neat look at Vegas history. Buy ticket son their website, General admission during the day is $20 and just a little bit more for night tickets. They also have guided tours too. In my opinion this is not walkable from Fremont, it's about 8 or 9 blocks away, and you have to walk under interstate.

*Container Park, located on Fremont Street, but 3 blocks east of the Fremont Street Experience. It's a shopping area, made from shipping containers. Quite cool to look at, Plus the giant Metal Praying Mantis that shoot flames out its antennas.... So cool, and free.

Giant working Fire Hydrant, 2 more blocks east and across the street from Container Park. You can even pull the lever and cool yourself off. Its free

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you all want my help in research, advice and help with booking, just make an appointment on my website. Fremont Street is a great place to visit while in Las Vegas, so don't forget to spend some time exploring the oldest part of Vegas


This post contains affiliate links, that means if you click on them, & buy that I might get a commission, at no cost to you.

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