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The best 5 men's carry-on backpack on Amazon.

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Since my post last week was all about women's backpacks, I thought let's not leave out the guys. Just remember, any men's backpack can become a women's backpack, all you have to do is adjust the straps. Women typically wear their backpacks higher on their back. Here is my top 5.

1. Nubily travel backpack, 5-star rating, 39.86, only available in black though.

17.3" inch laptop can fit inside, it is made of waterproof material and durable.

USB charging port outside and a charging cable inside (just have to hook up your own power bank), And an earphone hole in bag.

Multiple pockets with 2 that are padded to protect your items. An anti-theft zipper pocket on the backside to keep your valuables safe. Smaller zipper pocket offers an easy access to your keys, cars and coins. And a small sleeve on the shoulder strap, designed for your sunglasses. This is my favorite. Click the picture below to learn more or buy.

2. Yorepek Travel backpack, 4.5-star rating, $27.19 for all 7 colors

It is extra-large, even larger then #1 on my list. Just watch out, over packing in this one, Spirit airlines will get you. But the reviews say that this backpack has been used for many different flights as a "Carry-on".

Holds a 17" Laptop easily, 3 separate compartments, but 10 pockets including 2 mesh on the side. External USB port with built in cable, you will just need your own power bank. Also has an earphone hole.

Made from water resistant, tear proof material. Has a padded back with adjustable shoulder straps. Click the picture below to learn more about it or to buy.

3. Z-MGKISS backpack, 4.5-star rating, $34.98 for black, 3 other colors are $39.98

Large backpack that lays flat, large compartment hold a 17.3" laptop. 3 main compartments with many other pockets and some are hidden.

Made of waterproof and durable material. Breathable adjustable shoulder straps.

External USB port with set in cable for charging, also doesn't include a power bank. Also has a hole for earphone cable. The shock with this one, is you get a lifetime warranty with it. So, check it out. If interested, click the picture below to learn more about it or to buy it.

4. Tazbuzo, 5 star and $29.98. But only available in black.

Extra-large capacity, with 3 compartments one will hold an 18" laptop. There are several hidden pockets throughout the backpack. Has a USB charging port and earphone hole. Remember power bank is not included.

Breathable mesh panel on the back for ventilation. made from waterproof and tear resistant material. Adjustable shoulder straps. Click the picture below to learn more about it or to buy.

5. Matein Carry-on bag- 4.5 stars, $39.99 for black (5 ither colors are available, but they are more expensive). Most are $53, but blue is $61.

This is an extra-large, convertible design (remember what that means) backpack, duffle, tote, laptop bag all in 1. Spirit Airlines will get you on this one if you over stuff it, but reviews say it has been used as a "Carry On" for many different flights, just don't overstuff it. An air mesh back panel for ventilation, adjustable shoulder straps, and made of water-resistant material and will hold your laptop easily. Click the picture below to learn more about it or to buy.

Hope you found this informative, and you enjoy your new backpack. If you want some help planning your next adventure, research and booking help. Make an appointment on my website and I can help you out.

If you enjoy looking up flights all on your own, click the link below, they have been great for me lately.

If you are looking for a cheap place to lay your head when you are traveling around the world with this new backpack you bought. Check out the link below to Hostelworld.

This post contains affiliate links, which a might make a commission off of, at no extra cost to you.

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