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Best Amazon camping gadgets

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Summer has officially started and some of us will be doing some camping this summer. If you are a regular camper, then you have the basic gear. This list of items are the best gadgets you might not have, that are on sale on Amazon. Some are basics and some are over the top items to make your camping experience more comfortable and fun.

This is definitely an over-the-top item, but it would sure be comfortable lying in it outside on a summer night.

-4.5-star rating

-Voted best inflatable lounger on Amazon.

-17 different colors or styles to choose from.

-400-pound weight limit and can fit a person 6 foot tall with ease.

-Easy Inflation design.

-Anti deflation technology, (lasts twice as long as other inflatable loungers.)

-Head rest designed into lounger.

-2 large mesh pockets on the side to hold items.

-An elastic strap on other side to hold other items in place. (Like a beer) lol

-100% risk free warranty.

The only negative things I saw in the reviews were.

-1 person said the foot area needs to be tapered down, making them feel like they were lounging in a banana. lol (I think that would be comfortable.)

-Need to have better ways to anchor down when not in use at a campsite.

-It makes a crackling sound when you move or get up.

I just love these. Hang them outside in a tree to give you extra light, They are just so cute, and the best amazon has to offer for the price for camping.

-4.6-star rating

-4 pk LED light

-Durable and waterproof.

-Lightweight with an easy attachment latch.

-High, Low, Quick Strobe, and Slow Strobe setting.

-powered by AAA batteries, lasting 10 to 15 hours when turned on.

-150 Lumen brightness.

-Easy to use.

The only bad reviews I could find is not even a bad review, just a suggestion by several people. Don't use regular AAA batteries, invest in rechargeable AAA batteries. Those same reviews say the AAA batteries do last as long as they claim to, but rechargeable is the best.

Marshmallow Roasting sticks. On sale right now for $16.79

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks
Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Remember the days, when, as a child, you were sent out to the trees to find sticks to put your marshmallows on. Well gone are those days. These are the best from Amazon, and I really do like them. They are stainless steel and are perfect for kids and for camping.

-4.6-star rating

-5 sticks with double prongs.

-Lifetime manufacturer warranty.

-Great for hot dogs too.

-Great design.

-Stainless Steel.

-Multicolored and fun.

-Free Bonus of 15 roasting recipes.

No negative feedback on these. One reviewer even said they were super easy to clean. There was an issue with the use of one, but it was not the item's fault. A kid melted the handle in the flame of a fire it appears. Of course, the handle is silicon and will melt, so pay attention kiddos, do not stick the handle into fire. lol

I hope you thought these were as great as I did. After you click and purchase them, I hope you have a wonderful camping trip using them, or an amazing backyard experience with them. If you ever need any help researching your next travel adventure, and it can be a camping adventure. Just reach out on my website and make an appointment. I am cheaper than a travel agent.

Cruise Critic

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, I might receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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