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TAP Portugal Airlines Business Class, My Review!

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Flying the friendly sky's
Flying the friendly sky's

Ever wondered what it's like to fly business class with one of Europe's most prestigious airlines? If you're a frequent flyer, business traveler, or travel enthusiast, this blog is for you. We'll explore the luxurious experience that TAP Airlines offers, covering everything from the history of the airline to a detailed review of their business class. Buckle up, and let's take off on this sky-high adventure!

This was my first time flying on TAP airlines, first time flying to Portugal or Italy for that matter. It was also my first time in business class on an international flight. I was extremely excited to see what it was like and looking forward to these laydown seats I had heard of on long-haul flights.

Usually, I avoid the upgraded classes because of price, so I thought long and hard about this upgrade after I received an email from TAP about upgrading. Since it was such a long flight, I decided to do it

TAP Airlines – A Brief Overview

About TAP Airlines

From TAP Airlines leaving Lisbon for Rome
From TAP Airlines leaving Lisbon for Rome

TAP Airlines, also known as TAP Air Portugal, is Portugal's leading airline. Founded in 1945, TAP has grown to become a favorite among travelers for its excellent service and extensive route network. The airline is a member of the Star Alliance, which means it offers seamless connections to destinations worldwide.

Where It Flies

TAP Airlines operates flights to over 90 destinations in 34 countries. From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene beaches of Lisbon, TAP connects travelers to some of the world's most sought-after destinations. Whether you're planning a business trip or a leisurely vacation, TAP's extensive route network ensures you can get there in style.

History of TAP Airlines

TAP Airlines has a rich history that spans over seven decades. The European airlines launched its first flight on September 19, 1946, from Lisbon to Madrid. Since then, TAP has evolved, adding new routes and upgrading its fleet to include modern aircraft like the Airbus A330neo. The airline's commitment to innovation and customer service has earned it numerous awards and accolades.

Affiliates of TAP

When Flying with TAP, you should know that they are aligned with the Star Alliance. This can offer benefits if you already fly and are a member with one of these airlines. If interested, look into creating an account and growing your benefit status with flights. The Star Alliance Gold member benefits are pretty good. 

Members of the Star Alliance include:

Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air India, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Avianca, Brussels Airlines, Copa Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Egyptair, Ethiopian Airlines, Eva Air, Lot Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Swiss International Airlines, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, and finally United Airlines.

The Different Classes Onboard TAP Airlines

Discount Class

Above the clouds
Above the clouds

This is the cheapest class. It allows you a 22-pound carry-on bag, and if you have to make ticket changes it will cost you $180. You will still be in the same seats as the Basic or Classic

Basic Class

While economy class offers a more budget-friendly option. A 22-pound carry on, a 50-pound checked bag and a ticket change fee of $160. Passengers enjoy ergonomic seats, in-flight entertainment, and a selection of meals and beverages for a fee. It's perfect for those looking to balance cost and comfort, these are basically economy seats known on any other airline.

Classic Class

Sitting between economy and business class. Classic offers no charges to ticket changes, free standard seat selection and allows you to have a 22-pound carry-on and a 50-pound checked bag. (2 checked bags if coming from Africa.)

Plus Class

Offers the same as Classic but allows 2 checked bags from anywhere.

Business Class

TAP Air Portugal’s Business class is where the Airline truly shines. With lie-flat seats, gourmet dining, and exceptional service, business class offers an unparalleled travel experience. We'll dive deeper into what makes TAP's business class so special in the next sections. TAP labels them as Executive and Top Executive for the business class. But for starters know that your checked luggage can weigh 70 pounds.

Deep Details of the TAP Airlines Business Class Cabin

Seat Comfort and Amenities

Look at all this room under the seat for the Lie-flat-seat
Look at all this room under the seat for the Lie-flat-seat

One of the standout features of TAP's business class is the lie-flat seats. These seats are designed to provide maximum comfort, allowing passengers to arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and ready to go. This seat is perfect for those on long flights. Each seat comes with a personal screen loaded with the latest movies, TV shows, and music.

Besides the lie-flat seats, business class passengers enjoy additional amenities such as noise-canceling headphones, luxury toiletries, and a plush duvet. The seats also offer plenty of storage space, making it easy to keep your belongings within reach.

Dining Experience

The dining experience in TAP's business class is nothing short of spectacular. Passengers can enjoy a multi-course meal prepared by top chefs. The menu features a variety of options, including vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Each meal is paired with fine wines and beverages, making it a gourmet experience at 35,000 feet.

Pre-flight, business class passengers have access to exclusive airport lounges where they can enjoy light refreshments and beverages. These lounges offer a quiet and comfortable space to relax before boarding.

In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity

Staying connected is easy with TAP flights, in-flight Wi-Fi, available to all business class passengers. Whether you need to catch up on work or stay in touch with loved ones, the high-speed internet ensures you can do so seamlessly.

The in-flight entertainment system is equally impressive, offering a wide range of movies, TV shows, and games. Over 100 movies, 500 TV shows, and 160 albums if you are just in the mood to listen to music. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to find something that suits your taste, ensuring you're entertained throughout the flight.

General Reviews of TAP Air Portugal Business Class

Industry Recognition

wine list
wine list

TAP Airlines has received numerous accolades for its business class service. Skytrax, a renowned airline review and ranking site, has consistently rated TAP's business class among the best in Europe. The airline's commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement has not gone unnoticed.

Customer Feedback

Passengers frequently praise the comfort and service offered in TAP's business class. Many reviews highlight the lie-flat seats, exceptional dining, and attentive staff as standout features. One frequent flyer mentioned, "Flying business class with TAP was an amazing experience. The seats were incredibly comfortable, and the food was delicious. I can't wait to fly with them again."

Testimonials from Frequent Flyers

Frequent flyers are often the toughest critics, but TAP Airlines manages to impress even the most seasoned travelers. Jane, a business traveler, shared her experience, saying, "I travel frequently for work, and TAP's business class is my top choice. The seats are perfect for getting some rest, and the service is always top-notch. It's worth every penny."

My Review of TAP Airlines Business Class

The Booking Process

Booking a business class ticket with TAP Airlines was a breeze. The user-friendly website made it easy to select my flight and choose my preferred seat. I also appreciated the flexibility in changing my booking, which is a valuable feature for business travelers with unpredictable schedules.

Boston/ Logan Airport

My flight was to Rome, via a layover in Lisbon. With the Business Class upgrade, I had priority check in on my flight. TAP check in area is not open all day long like other airlines in the airport, because all their flights leave after 6 PM. When I checked in, it was around 3:30 and I was first in line. My bag was weighed, boarding passes printed, and I was sent to the priority TSA checkpoint. It was easy.

The Flight Experience Boston to Lisbon

TAP amenity kit
TAP amenity kit

From the moment I stepped into the TAP lounge until I arrived at my destination, the experience was nothing short of exceptional. The lounge access was located near my gate which I was very happy about. The lounge offered a quiet space to relax before my flight. I was there early enough that I could spend an hour in the lounge, where they had plenty of comfortable chairs, and outlets to charge laptops or phones. Little tables to hold your drinks and snacks too. There was a coffee and other free drink section, and an area where you could order alcoholic drinks for a fee. There was also a little eating area. Snacks, salads, soup and desserts, they were great to tide me over for my flight that was leaving at 6:30PM. Lounge access was a great perk with the Business Class booking. 

Once on board, the flight attendants were attentive and welcoming. The lie-flat seat was incredibly comfortable, and I appreciated the extra storage areas for my belongings. The in-flight entertainment system kept me engaged throughout the flight, and the high-speed Wi-Fi was a game-changer for staying connected. During the flight it felt great to lie flat, even though it is still at an angle. I tried to sleep but couldn't, so watching the movies was great on the back of the seat in front of me. 

There were several dials and switches I had to figure out when I sat down. Where to plug in complimentary headphones, power outlet, volume control, seat tilt feature, laydown seat button and light. It was definitely an experience I was grateful to have for this long flight across the Atlantic Ocean. It was dark outside during the flight, but I did have a window seat which was nice.

My Dining and Amenities from Boston to Lisbon

Dinner on TAP, salmon with greens and potato plus a salad
Dinner on TAP, salmon with greens and potato plus a salad

The food service exceeded my expectations. The multi-course meal was delicious, and the wine selection was impressive. The comfort amenities, including noise-cancelling headphones, remote control, reading light, and luxury toiletries, added an extra layer of comfort to the flight. The cute amenity kit is a blue bag, I still use to this day. At the time of flight it contained a pair of socks, lip balm, eye mask, toothpaste, and toothbrush.

Something I learned in the air while talking to one of the crew members is that the amenity kit comes in 4 different colors and is made of ecological rPET material. There was even a little elastic piece attached to the arm rest to hold the complimentary water bottle I was given, a small pillow and comfy blanket.

Dessert with TAP
Dessert with TAP, fruit, ice cream, cheese, and chocolate

My main course consisted of Salmon, greens, and potatoes. Plus, I received a steak salad, roll, a bowl of fresh fruit, and a side dish of cheese with crackers. They even gave me a piece of chocolate and ice cream for dessert. For my drink I received a ginger ale, but you could get any variety of soft drinks, plus check out their wine list. For this dinner on my flight, I was very impressed.

Overall, my experience on a long haul flight in business class with TAP Airlines were outstanding. The combination of comfort, service, and dining made it a memorable journey that I look forward to experiencing again.

My Flight Experience from Lisbon to Rome

Lisbon AIrport
Lisbon AIrport

When arriving in Lisbon, we disembarked the plane in the parking lot and were shuttled to the entrance of the airport where there was an escalator to take us upstairs to go through security. Coming From the United States and entering into Europe you have to go through the security checkpoint. The line was long and not many worked that early in the morning. It was still dark out when we landed, even though daylight would be coming soon.

Luckily at the Lisbon Airport they had workers with a list of people who got off our flight and were on connecting flights that were leaving soon, so they were yelling out names of people in the line to move them forward, so they did not miss their next flight. 

After I finally made it through security, I had an hour to spare before my next flight. What I was shocked to see, unlike US airports, there was not near enough seating at my gate. Probably 20 seats for a plane that held 200. Luckily since I was in business class, I got priority boarding and was able to get on and sit down quickly. 

Lisbon Airport
Lisbon Airport

With short-haul flights, the seats were not as nice and could not lie back. In fact, they didn't feel like they were any better seats than what economy would have, but I will admit after my flights and hours I was exhausted, so I maybe wasn't the best judge of how comfortable the seats were. I was in the second row and the business class seats and in one of the window seats. Out of 12 seats in the business class, there were only 3 of us flying business that morning to Rome.  The rest of the plane appeared to be sold out, but we were separated from the rest of the plane. It was now daylight so I could see Lisbon during take-off.

Breakfast on TAP from Lisbon to Rome
Breakfast on TAP from Lisbon to Rome

Meal Service consisted of a variety of cheeses, croissant, deli meat, yogurt, bowl of fruit, sauteed zucchini, a baby spinach quiche, and hard-boiled egg. The flight attendant came back around with more croissants which was a good thing, they were yummy. In my honest opinion, I would recommend Boston to Lisbon business class, but Lisbon to Rome was just ok. I would not pay for the upgrade on a short flight again. But the croissants and cheeses were great.


TAP Airlines' business class offers a luxurious and comfortable travel experience that exceeds expectations. With lie-flat seats, gourmet dining, and exceptional service, it's no wonder frequent flyers and business travelers consistently rate TAP's business class among the best.

If you're planning your next trip, a transatlantic flight, elevate your travel experience, and consider flying TAP business class. The blend of comfort, convenience, and luxury ensures you'll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes next.

Ready for a sky-high adventure? Book your next flight with TAP Airlines and experience the luxury of their business class for yourself.

This blog contains affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, I might receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


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Jun 30

I've enjoyed TAP's flights from Boston and Newark. The only thing I struggle with is the customs line in Lisbon--almost always long if you have a US passport, though fine with an EU passport.

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Yes I agree with you customs in Lisbon can be rough. Thanks for commenting on my blog, not sure why it is saying I am just a guest since it is my website

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