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Spirit flight to Boston from Charlotte!!!!

Boston skyline

Who wants to take $29 flights to Boston????!!!!!! I do!!!!!!!! Well, I realized 1 day late, Spirit was offering a 1-day sale. Oh well, for those of us who missed the sale, let's check out what a flight this summer can really cost you on Spirit Airlines from Charlotte NC to Boston. It is a new route being offered out of Charlotte NC.

The Info

Spirit has prices that can't be beat, but they do have some not so good things associated with them. Uncomfortable seats, no frills flying, and not the best on time departure or arrival stats. Still, I use them whenever I can, and never had a real issue except a delay or 2 by about 20 minutes.

My thoughts are, it's good that Spirit Airlines is now flying from Charlotte to Boston. It is good to have a little competition between them, and other airlines, it will drive prices down. Spirit Airlines might make all the American Airlines flights from Charlotte to Boston stay on the cheaper side. You know I am all about cheap travel.

The Low Down

So, let's check out some prices.

July 26th (Wednesday)- August 2nd (Wednesday)

If I was a Saver Club Member the flight would be $136.23, but since I am currently not a member the flight would be $166.28.

Saver Club Member means?????

-Gives discounts to member flights.

-Gives you discounts on baggage fee.

-Gives discounts on seat fee

-Shortcuts through security.

-Shortcuts to board the plane

-Flight Flex options.

The cheapest version of this plan is $69 a year, and it will automatically renew on the credit card you used the following year unless you cancel.

Unless you plan on using Spirit airlines a bunch, then I do not recommend this. Just pack light. You will have to pay for carry on or checked luggage, so just call your small backpack a personal item. That is why you do not over pack. They are sticklers for this. Acceptable size for a personal item is 18x14x8 inches.

Also, you will have to pick the cheapest seat on the plane, as cost is not added into the total above, Cheapest is sometimes $5, most expensive can be $50, but that $50 seat will give you plenty of extra room.

You have said yes to the trip, what's next????

If you have been to Boston several times like me, that's ok, go again. lol. Or rent a car and check out other nearby areas, The list below is all the places I have seen from a flight to Boston with a rental car.

Marginal Way, Ogunquit Maine

-Salem Massachusetts, only 44 minutes away during rush hour traffic on Route 107.

-Ogunquit Maine, only 1 hour and 19 minutes during rush hour if you use, Interstate 95 for a bit.

-Cape Cod Massachusetts, an hour and a half during rush hour with a $1.50 toll.

-Providence Rhode Island, about an hour away and $1.50 toll.

-New Hampshire (state line liquor). lol. 50 minutes away, but check out the Seabrook/Hampton area just north of there.

-Portland Maine, about 1 hour and 45 minutes away on Interstate 95.

Frozen lake
Schoodic Lake, near Brownsville Maine

My friend Aaron and I drove from Boston to Northern Maine once because of the cost of the flight from Charlotte. It was so much cheaper to fly to Boston and rent a car, than fly to Augusta, or Bangor Maine. We saved over $500 on the trip by doing it this way. Plus, the best part was checking out all the neat little towns along the way. Look at the frozen lake pic, with my friend Aaron. (Augusta is 2.5 hours, and Bangor is 3.5 hours drive from Boston Airport.)

The Verdict

As you can see if you pick the right days, cheap flights do exist to Boston, and even cheaper on Spirit Airlines. I hope this has inspired you to check out these flights and check out Boston or the surrounding area this summer. Be sure to check out my other New England posts.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, I might receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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21 oct. 2023

You got a flight for $29? That sounds like a good deal! Although I've never flown Spirit before and I've seen some funny memes about it on the internet, especially about their cramped seats! :D

Angie - Your Guide
Angie - Your Guide
21 oct. 2023
En réponse à

Yes, its great for cheap, right now $99 round trip from Charlotte NC to Las Vegas, thats a 4 hour flight. When you have to stick to budget I will never complain about Spirit, but I do laugh at the funny memes.


Debbie Amos
Debbie Amos
08 mai 2023
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I want to go... these are very affordable prices in my book. Thank you

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