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Save us, from Vegas (part 2).... Red Rock Canyon

Updated: Jan 13

Less than an hour drive from the strip, actually it took 31 minutes from MGM Grand on the day I went. Red Rock Canyon is a great escape from the city to take you away from those gambling tables for a bit. With a Scenic drive loop that has many stops to pull off the road and gaze at the beauty. You might even see a few rock climbers out there hanging out on the rocks, and snow on the top of the peaks depending on what time of year you visit. Some amazing bird watching and possibilities of seeing other animals too.

From October 1st to May 31st you must go on their website and reserve a time between 8am and 5 pm to do the drive. It is $20 bucks per car to enter, whether there is 1 person in car or 6.

Attractions at Red Rock Canyon


If you are up for hiking, there is plenty to choose from, and even a Petroglyph Wall to see. I am just listing a few.

*Lost Creek, easy trail, children can do it, and you can learn a lot from doing it, Petroglyphs and a waterfall in Winter and Spring. Easy to get to from the Scenic Drive, 1 hour, and .08 miles.

*First Creek Canyon hike, easy, but at least 2 hours hike, but has a waterfall at certain time of the year. (Usually Spring)

*Calico Tanks Trail, intermediate, with uneven stairs, you must be surefooted, Popular hiking trail. Take you past an Indian Agave roasting pit. Take 2 hours and is a little over 2 miles long.

*Calico Hills, can take 2 to 6 mile, depending on how dedicated you are. 1 and a half to 4 hours depending. Considered to be intermediate. This has beautiful viewpoints.

In the area nearby, is horseback riding, camping, and bike riding through the canyon. But if you are not much of a hiker, the drive loop is great, you will still spend a couple hours out here stopping and looking at everything. And once you are done, there is a casino nearby, just as you are heading back to Vegas. Win those big bucks.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about Red Rock Canyon. If you all want my help in research, advice and help with booking, just make an appointment on my website. If you would like to do to the flight research on your own, check out the link below. Crystal Travel has been helpful for me in the past.

This post contains affiliate links, that means if you click on them, & buy that I might get a commission, at no cost to you

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