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Info on the Buenos Aires Argentina Cruise Port!

Updated: Apr 26

A voyage to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is akin to scribing your escapades onto the bustling pages of South American history. Flourishing with the fervor of the tango, flavors of ‘asado’ in the air, and the echoes of Eva Peron. Argentina's capital city is a poetic prelude to a grand maritime adventure. If the siren call of oceanic voyages beckons you, and Buenos Aires becomes your harbor, you’re in for an experience that blends culture, cuisine, and seafaring spirit. Prepare to cast off the impenetrable silence of traditional port guides—I'm here to whisk you on a virtual adventure through the jewel of the South America cruise.

Setting Sail from Buenos Aires

picture of NCL Star from the Sheraton in Buenos Aires
picture of NCL Star from the Sheraton in Buenos Aires

The anticipation of setting sail from. Buenos Aires is palpable. The city itself is a mosaic of multicultural charm, with barrios that sing psalms of passion and pride. But your sojourn from this Southernmost city's waters is a gateway to a varied seascape, whether you're heading to the Antarctic Peninsula, the Brazilian coast, or the elegant delta of the River Plate.  You can pick cruises that sail during the Shoulder season for the best prices and temperatures, not too hot and not too cold. Try sailing March-May or September-November. If you want the best deal for booking, pick a last-minute cruise for the cheapest rate. Peak Season is December-February.

Vessels That Call Buenos Aires Home

The Port of Buenos Aires extends a welcome to the liners of various sizes and services. From stately empires of the sea like the Queen Mary 2 to the intimate, boutique vessels akin to floating hotels, Buenos Aires has embraced them all. Noteworthy cruise lines like Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, MSC Cruises, and Costa Cruises ply the South American waters, allowing passengers to chart multi-destination itineraries. The cruise line I am most familiar with is Norwegian Cruise Line which I will be sharing experiences from.

The Tango from Terminal to Tarmac

View of the outside of the Sheraton Hotel
View of the outside of the Sheraton Hotel

The swift shuffle from the airport to the cruise terminal is a dance of choices. Hail a taxi for a direct trip or opt for the narrative-rich transfer service by booking a private car. For the spirited soul, the drive is more than just distance; it’s a tapestry of architecture, anecdotes, and anticipation painted over the city's soulful streets. Taxis are a great way to get from point A to point B in this city, but you can also hire private transfer services to take you where you need to go. Consider booking through a third part company like Viator for these transfer services. There are also shared shuttle services.

From the Ministro Pistarini International Airport to the best and closest hotel to the cruise port, Sheraton is 26 minutes for around $17 US dollars. Use a credit card to pay, it is easier than transferring money to the Argentine Pesos. If you are familiar with local currency then of course you can exchange money at the airport, but they never have the best rates of exchange. Confirm with the taxi driver he takes credit cards. Just a warning: taxi drivers do tend to drive a little fast, but they know how to navigate the rush hours traffic perfectly.

Anchoring at the Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel & Convention Center

Outside pool area of the Sheraton that is also shared by the HIlton
Outside pool area of the Sheraton that is also shared by the Hilton

The Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel invites you to dock in a space that harmonizes the hectic delights of the city with an oasis of comfort. Located in the heart of the financial district, this 5-star sanctuary is not just a rested reprieve—it's a launchpad to explore the charmingly chaotic neighborhoods of the Argentine capital.

This hotel is very nice and connected to the Hilton. They both share the same outside space and pool area. The breakfast buffet at the Sheraton is great and the hotel itself is beautiful.

Each guest room at the Sheraton is a haven of modern luxury. But it's the panoramic views of the city or the serene port with its silent sentinels—docked ships—that truly encapsulate the prelude to a nautical adventure. Facilities like the fitness center ensure a balanced beginning; face the profound possibilities of your voyage refreshed and revitalized.

Travel time for the Buenos Aires Sheraton to the cruise port is simple, at only a 4-to-5-minute taxi ride, only 1.4 km away. The Hilton and the Sheraton are the best hotels and are the closest hotels to the cruise terminal. With the Sheraton being a little bit less expensive if you are watching your budget.

The culinary tableau at the Sheraton is a reflection of Buenos Aires' gastronomic prowess. From the international grand buffet to the piquant appeal of Argentine cuisine in the midst of a wood-accented, wine-filled ambiance, the hotel doesn't just feed; it educates and entertains the palate.

Crafting Your Cruise Itinerary

Your cruise from Buenos Aires isn't just a maritime feat; it’s a cultural conquest. From the 'Casa Rosada' to the cobblestoned alleys of San Telmo, every destination becomes a delectable side chapter in your larger narrative of South American discovery.

Visiting downtown Buenos Aires is wonderful, look at the beautiful architecture, churches, and antique shops are great in this very old city. The Presidential Palace is a great stopping point for a few pictures.

Brightly colored building in the La Boca area
Brightly colored building in the La Boca area

Immerse yourself in Buenos Aires with the colorful street, you are bound to see something that resonates with your interests. Whether you're a history buff reliving moments from the 'Evita' era, a foodie seeking the quintessential 'asado,' or a culture vulture visiting the pivotal Plaza de Mayo and the elegant Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires has something for everyone even in its city center. Puerto Madero in the Rio de la Plata area of Buenos Aires is a refurbished dock area that is popular with tourists. Great for shopping and dining and dockside views. 

Consider venturing off the beaten path with exclusive local experiences. Delve into the world of leather goods and antiques in the San Telmo market, be enamored by the vibrancy of live tango performances, or set up a behind-the-scenes tour of one of the city's grand theatres.

Seaway Preparations for Your Voyage

Setting sail is not just about boarding the vessel; it’s a rite of passage into a world where time is marked by maritime miles. Ensure your transition from port to ocean is smooth, safe, and filled with the excitement of the open seas. If I have to give you one bit of advice for packing for a cruise leaving Buenos Aires and heading to Brazil, buy bug repellent and take it with you. Mosquitos can be rough, especially at certain times of the year. In fact, you can easily catch Dengue Fever from the mosquitos of northern Argentina, if you miss one spot on your body with the repellent, the mosquitos will get you. 

Boarding at the Buenos Aires Cruise Port

The Porto de Buenos Aires might strike a bit more industrial and a bit confusing. From experience, here are a few things that I have learned about boarding here. Some information was not communicated properly by the cruise line.

Buenos Aires Obelisk
Buenos Aires Obelisk
  • This is an industrial port, always ask the taxi driver to take you to the cruise ship your area sailing on. If not, you could be in an area not at all near your cruise ship.

  • Board through Costa Salguero, the address is Av. Costanera Rafel Obligado 1221. Use this area to board the ship if you arrive before 6PM.

  • After hours boarding (if customs/ Immigration area is closed), you will need to board at Terminal de Cruceros Quinquela Martin. This is 4 miles away (9-minute drive) from the spot that the NCL cruise line said was the embarkation point.

  • On this specific cruise the cruise line does keep your passport the whole time you are on the ship. This is not an unusual for cruising, just something you will not be used to if you have only done Alaska or Caribbean cruises.

From experience, if your cruise line lets you embark late in the day. Don't do it. The customs/immigration security area of the port shuts down at 6PM, You will be worried, and it will take you longer to get on the ship. For example, you could board the NCL Star till midnight for the cruise that left out of Buenos Aires the end of March, but when Cruise passengers arrived after 6PM, it was a worrisome hassle. Being shipped by bus 4km away, to pass through a security building that was not closed, then coming back to the ship to be told you can board the ship but will have to go through immigration the next day. It was a little bit of a hassle. This was not explained well before the cruise, so always double check and see when the customs security area closes for the night and be on board before then. For this cruise, the best way to board would be to be there before 6PM.

A Parting Ode to the Buenos Aires Cruise Port

sunset view of Buenos Aires
sunset view of Buenos Aires

In the grand scheme of your travels, the memories you fashion in Buenos Aires and beyond are the true treasures from your cruise. Capture moments that encapsulate the spirit of South America; snapshots of revelry and repose, of color and contrast, of seas met and mountains climbed.

Your voyage from the Buenos Aires cruise port is but a chapter in the larger libretto of human wonderment. I bid you 'adios' with a heart heavy with experiences from the heart of the city, a mind filled with images, and a soul that burns for more. The sultry melodies of South America's southernmost port will echo within you, bringing nostalgia and the expectations of future flotations.

In closing, consider cruising from the Buenos Aires port not just as a means to an end, it's an opportunity to live life with the lightness of a traveler, not the wistfulness of a weary one. Whether you're a first-time cruiser or a seasoned sailor, the Buenos Aires cruise experience is one of distinction, stretching horizons as far and wide as the vermillion-colored canopy of a Patagonian sunrise. Bon Voyage!

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