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Future Dream. Road Trip Planner, Utah to Canada

Updated: Jan 22


This will be a long vacation and only in planning stages, but I am getting familiar with areas and researching. So if you are interested in any extra info or need help with booking, I am a road trip planner. I am a travel advisor and plan trips for people all the time, so if you ever need a trip planned give me a yell. I have done many road trips in my life, including Seattle to San Francisco. This will be a longer vacation, and not during the winter because of all the snow. Long trips you need to make sure you are planning rest time so you can explore, relax, and enjoy.

The quickest I see this happening is 15 days. Like I said you need time to explore, relax and enjoy.


Fly into Salt Lake City, rent a car and stay for a couple days to Explore. Look at Temple Square, Mormon Temple, Mormon Tabernacle, Red Butte Garden if I go in spring, Natural History Museum maybe???? Glance at state capitol, and tour the Marmalade District, Heritage Park "This is the place" says Brigham Young. Tracy Aviary, Liberty Park, Daughter of the Utah Pioneers Museum, City Creek Center, Gilgal Garden, Biggest Pit in the world and Statue of Phil Farnsworth, and last but not least I want to see a 33-foot iguana.

Drive to Pocatello ID= look for the Muffler Man statue named Don that's 22 ft tall

Drive to West Yellowstone, stay for 3 days and explore. Must see Bison, and Geysers, but would love to see all animals of Yellowstone :)

Drive to Bozeman MT- Big Red Ox, American Computer Museum

Drive to Helena MT- Check out Big Medicine a stuffed White Bison from 1933, boy wth leaking boot statue, giant fake buffalo skull,

Drive to Glacier National Park, Browning MT most likely, stay for 3 days and explore- Teepee Shaped coffee house in Browning.

Drive into Canada, doubt I will drive all the way into Calgary today.

Calgary, stay for a couple days then fly home. While is Calgary look at Devonian Gardens, Galleria Trees, Wonderland Sculpture.

Thats it for now, but more to come when wanderlust takes over and I do more research. A road trip from Utah to Canada will be an amazing travel adventure full of National Parks, wildlife and beautiful views. Visiting Utah, Idaho and Montana on the way to Calgary Canada is a road trip of a lifetime.

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