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Concert Venues in Charlotte

Updated: May 19, 2023

Over the past 12 years of living in the Charlotte area, I have gone to my fair share of concerts. Living down here has been great for seeing many great musicians, newcomers, tribute bands and major headliners. Plus checking out parts of the city and venues has been real fun. I figured in this post I would give a list of my favorites and why they are my favorites.

Located in the Avidxchange Music Factory (also known as NC Music Factory in the past). This place changes names every year it seems like. Lol. But it is by far the best outdoor venue in my opinion.

The parking garage is not far away, and typically leaving this venue after the show is easy, and close to the interstate. It's not a large amphitheater which is one of the reasons it's #1 on my list. I like small venues. It can be very crowded in the smaller venues, but you are closer to the stage even in the cheap seats (or standing area). Every time I am here, I get lawn seating and stand by the fence on the left side of the stage. It's close to the stage, but also not too close.

Also located in Avidxchange Music Factory. I love this place. It's an inside venue located right beside my #1 on this list, so you use the same parking building. I always stand in the back, to avoid the crowds up front. There is a VIP area so you can pay the premium to get your very own bar, table and seats, plus access to the VIP bathroom area. There is an exit at the back of the building that lets you escape the concert to get some air then walk back in without having to show your ticket again. That exit is available to everyone, not just the VIP area. Special note, if you walk out the back of the building to get some air you can actually be on the stage of the #1 on my list. I thought this is just so neat to walk out there when escaping The Fillmore for a few minutes.

Another venue located at Avidxchange Music Factory. This venue is a little smaller than The Fillmore, and usually has fewer known bands that play here. This venue has a VIP area you can pay for, with seats. The rest of the venue is standing room only. Since I have talked about the above venues all being in the same area, I figure I will mention some more about this area. In the past it was called the NC Music Factory. There are few bars and a couple places to eat in this area also. Small Bar, and VGBG are my favorite places. There is also a comedy club and two nightclubs in the area.

Located off of Independence Blvd. in North Charlotte and right beside Bojangles Coliseum. (#9 on this list). They refer to this area as the Boplex. Ovens Auditorium is what I call the grown-up version of a concert venue. It is very nice, and clean, with comfy seats, theater style with 2 floors, and a bar that serves wine. Compared to what I'm used to with dark crowded venues, this place is fancy. Major headliners have played here, and so have comedians. Tickets tend to be on the pricier side, but parking is pretty close by. I have been here several times and every time the venue was great.

Located on Tryon Street, less than 1 mile away from downtown Charlotte, and one of the oldest Venues in the area still operating. It is 2 stories' tall and the Gin Mill is located in the front part of the building. They tend to promote local bands on the rise, tribute bands, but also many large names have performed here in the past. There is parking located right across the street, but you can use the light rail. The light rail stop is just behind the Venue.

Located in the Plaza Midwood area. I love this area, so many places to eat, drink and be merry. This venue plays everything, but it is usually all small and upcoming bands. Parking is super close and easy to get in and out of. The area is why this place is #5 on my list.

Located in the Elizabeth area of Charlotte, another area I enjoy spending some time in. This venue has character, it's been around a while and is an actual theater, with that type of seating. Tickets are cheap, and I have seen a couple of big names do spoken words/ acoustic shows here. Which was a really neat experience. They have parking super close and shared parking across the street. There isn't any food at the venue, but there are restaurants close by. Check out Elizabeth's Creamery. Yummy.

When I came here it was called BB&T Field, but Truist bought out BB&T so it is now Truist Field. This is not a real concert venue; it is a baseball field for the Charlotte Knights. But every once in a while, they do specialty events that have concerts here, and that is why it made my list. I came here for a show once. Located in uptown, where parking can be a hassle. So definitely use the light rail here. Neighborhood Pub is opening up there this summer, so go to a baseball game and check it out.

Opened in 1955 and located on Independence right beside Ovens Auditorium listed above as #7. Many large names have performed here over the years and this place is also the home to the Charlotte Checkers Hockey team. There is plenty of close by parking. This place has a lot of history, from an Elvis concert to watching Michael Jordan play basketball in an exhibition game. Go check out a Checkers game sometime, it is fun.

Large outdoor venue, with several quick food places and beer stands located inside. Like a typical amphitheater the grass in the back where you can stand or bring a blanket to sit down and watch the show. Located in North Charlotte, and many major concerts have happened here. My issue with this place is the parking situation. You may have to walk a large distance to get to the show. Also, when you are ready to leave it can take a while. It has taken me over an hour to get out to the main road. Every time since that first concert I come real early to get close parking and leave before the encore just to make sure I get out before the crowd does. But for cheap concerts, this is a good place because of the lawn. I saw Elton John here for $40 lawn seats a few years ago. :)

This is a large arena, and home to the Charlotte Hornets. Basketball games are great and at times you can get great deals on tickets. But as for concerts this is my least favorite place to watch a concert. To get cheap tickets you are so far away (and high up) in the stands. Only major musicians play here, so tickets are already going to be really expensive as it is. Because of the number of seats, it is always really crowded here for a big show. But like any arena there are beer and food stands inside.

Thats my list

And that's my list, sorry if your favorite venue did not make the cut. It's most likely because I have not been there yet. I am sure I will get there, since I am always looking at lists of concerts in the Charlotte area. Judging from my list, if it's small and cheap it ends up being higher on the list, and there are several small venues out there I have not been to yet, so I see more concerts in my future. Hope you all enjoyed this post.

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