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Best of Baltimore Maryland Haunted Attractions!

Baltimore, Maryland—a city with rich history, maritime heritage, and a fascinatingly haunted past. Dive into the eerie world of Baltimore's haunted attractions, where spine-tingling excitement meets historical intrigue. This guide is tailored for local thrill-seekers, adventurous families, and travelers looking to explore the city's ghostly side.

The Haunting History of Baltimore

Baltimore at night
Baltimore at night

The city of Baltimore is deep-rooted in history dating back to the 18th century, making it a hotbed for ghost stories and paranormal activity. The city's historical buildings, cobblestone streets, Chesapeake Bay, and ancient cemeteries are fertile ground for tales of restless spirits and eerie encounters. From the Civil War to the maritime tales of Fells Point, Baltimore's past is riddled with stories that have given rise to its renowned haunted attractions.

Some of the attractions are Halloween attractions and only open during the spooky season, but some of the below are open all year long. So, you can always get a little faint of heart all year long. Also, some of these are not in Baltimore, but no more than an hour's drive away.

Best Baltimore, Maryland Haunted Attractions: A Thrilling Guide!

Steeped in gothic horror, The Nevermore Haunt is an immersive experience inspired by the macabre works of Edgar Allan Poe. Located in the heart of downtown Baltimore, this attraction offers a chilling blend of detailed sets, live actors, and spine-tingling effects that will leave you questioning reality. Dare to enter if you seek a night full of suspense and thrills!

Only open for 13 nights in October, so be sure to check out their website before visiting. Meaning you would have to be visiting during the spooky month for this amazing, haunted house. It is known to be the best haunted house in the area. They have food service on site and even local craft beers to drink while waiting or after you have seen the grim creatures that could give you nightmares for days. Pro tip: Free parking for this best haunted house.

scary picture at a haunted house
scary picture at a haunted house

Regarded as one of America's scariest haunted houses, Bennett's Curse is a staple for any horror enthusiast. With multiple themed attractions under one roof, such as "Legends of Halloween" and "Ravenbrook Asylum," Bennett's Curse delivers high-intensity scares and unforgettable frights. Be prepared to encounter grotesque creatures and fearsome characters lurking around every corner. This is one of the best haunted houses in the area. 

There is a warning on their website that this is not for children, so be prepared for grim visions. This is also an October haunted house, but they often open it for 1 night in May as part of a halfway to Halloween celebration. With the purchase of a ticket, you get admission to 4 attractions: Underworld Haunted House, Inferno 3D, Legends of Halloween, and Ravenbrook Asylum. Did you know this was featured on the Travel Channel!

3. Neon Nightmare

For those who enjoy a modern twist on traditional haunted houses, Neon Nightmare provides a unique experience with its glow-in-the-dark horror. This immersive event combines neon lighting with terrifying themes, offering a one-of-a-kind fright fest. Step into a world where the ghoulish and the glowing collide, creating an unforgettable nightmare.

This is an immersive experience where you have to find out why an infection is spreading and where it is coming from. Kids are welcome and have tickets that are less expensive. Kids under 13 will have to be accompanied by an adult though. This is a new and unique haunted attraction in the Baltimore area.

spooky figures
spooky figures

Explore the haunted history of Charm City with Baltimore Ghost Tours. These walking tours take you through some of the most haunted neighborhoods, including Fells Point and Mount Vernon. Knowledgeable guides share chilling stories of ghostly apparitions and unexplained phenomena, making it an educational and spine-tingling experience.

This is the perfect walking tour for any visitor and an easy drive from Washington DC if you are staying to the south of Baltimore, I would highly suggest taking this tour. At $30 per person, you will visit pubs, the Waterfront Hotel, learn about the Spirit of Edgar Allen Poe and his mysterious death. Visit during the Halloween season or all year long. This can be Baltimore’s scariest haunted attraction you can do all year long.

Just a short drive from Baltimore, Ellicott City offers its own haunted history tours. Known for its historic charm and ghostly lore, this town provides guided tours that delve into the supernatural occurrences within its old buildings and streets. Perfect for history buffs and ghost hunters alike, these tours promise to uncover the eerie past of Ellicott City.

Combine this with a Savage Mill Ghost Walk for spine-tingling chills. These are some of the oldest streets in the area and are bound to make you think twice before walking alone at night. There is even a Witchery History Pub crawl where you will learn about 12 people accused of practicing witchcraft with 2 people dying, who were merely just healers in that era of time. With close proximity to Baltimore, this is a must visit area, and tours happen all year long.

view on scary trail
view on scary trail

Prepare to embark on a journey into the heart of fear, where screams pierce the night, and thrills await around every corner. Nestled in the shadows of Maryland lies Field of Screams Baltimore, a realm where horror comes to life with bone-chilling intensity and heart-pounding excitement. As dusk descends and the moon casts its ghostly glow, you'll find yourself immersed in a world where nightmares roam free and the line between reality and fantasy blurs. From haunted corn mazes to haunted hayrides, each attraction at Field of Screams Baltimore promises an adrenaline-fueled adventure that will test your courage and quicken your pulse.

Step beyond the realm of the ordinary and into a landscape where terror reigns supreme. Experience the thrill of being chased by creatures of the night, feel the rush of anticipation as you navigate dark corridors, and revel in the electrifying energy that permeates every corner of this haunted haven. Join fellow thrill-seekers in embracing the macabre delights of Field of Screams Baltimore, where screams of delight mingle with shrieks of terror, and where the spirit of Halloween starts in September and continues part Halloween. Checking out their immersive haunted trail will truly scare you more than you would think. 

Markoff's Haunted Forest: Prepare to be immersed in a realm where fear and excitement collide, where the darkness holds secrets and thrills await at every turn. Nestled in the Maryland woods, Markoff's Haunted Forest, a place where nightmares come to life and spine-tingling adventures unfold under the canopy of trees. As night falls and the moon casts an eerie glow over the forest, you'll find yourself on a journey through a landscape teeming with ghouls, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night. From haunted trails to chilling attractions, each step you take beckons you deeper into a world where the unexpected lurks around every corner. This is the largest haunted trail in the United States, at 1 mile long

Located in Dickerson Maryland, a short 1-hour drive from Baltimore. You step beyond the realm of the ordinary and into a realm where the supernatural reigns supreme. Feel your heartbeat quicken as you navigate the dimly lit trail of twisted paths, let out a nervous laugh as you encounter the denizens of the night, and revel in the electrifying energy that pulses through Markoff's Haunted Forest. Join fellow thrill-seekers in embracing the macabre wonders of Markoff's Haunted Forest, where screams of delight mingle with gasps of terror, and where the spirit of Halloween casts its spell year-round. Dare to venture forth, embrace the thrill of the unknown, and immerse yourself in an experience that will ignite your senses and leave you craving more. Only open in October, so plan your visit then this trail of terror

spooky moon
spooky moon

Lafayette Park is more than just a scenic spot—it's also home to spooky legends and paranormal activity. The Original Haunted Lafayette Park Tour takes you through the park's haunted history, exploring stories of ghostly encounters and mysterious happenings. This tour is perfect for those looking to combine outdoor activity with a touch of the supernatural.

 This is more of a Washington DC activity, but since it can be done all year long and is spooky, it is highly recommended, so drive on down from Baltimore for it. With the Capitol full of scandals, secret deals and duels, this is the perfect place to learn and witness some of the darker areas of the Capital of the US. You might even hear the sounds of footsteps behind you as you hear these tales of ghosts being spoken.

Set in an abandoned movie theater, Laurel's House of Horror is Maryland’s largest indoor haunted house. Known for its elaborate sets and professional actors, this attraction offers a deeply immersive horror experience. Each room presents a different theme, ensuring a variety of scares that will keep you on edge throughout your visit.

Located close to Baltimore in the city of Laurel, this attraction gives you a haunted house, an escape room, and paranormal investigators tour. Check out their website for more, as the haunted house is only open from the end of September through the first weekend of November, but the Escape room and Paranormal tour are open on select Fridays or Saturdays during the year.

Hackney Haunts is a local favorite, offering a blend of traditional haunted house scares with innovative horror themes. With multiple attractions and interactive experiences, it’s a great destination for thrill-seekers looking for an intense and varied fright experience. Each visit promises new horrors and unexpected twists.

Located in Westminster, just a 45-minute roadtrip away. With many attractions, this is a family favorite with bizarre creatures. Only open near Halloween. Check out their website for more information. 

Fort McHenry
Fort McHenry

Within the historic walls of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, a tale of haunting whispers and spectral echoes dances through the air. As the sun sets and shadows lengthen, the fort's storied past comes alive with a mysterious allure that beckons the curious and the brave. Fort McHenry, known for its pivotal role in American history during the War of 1812, harbors more than just memories of the historic battle fought and the victory won. Legends tell of ghostly apparitions wandering the ramparts, their presence felt by those attuned to the ethereal energies that linger within the fort's hallowed grounds.

Visitors daring enough to explore Fort McHenry after dark may find themselves enveloped in a shroud of mystery, where the line between past and present blurs, and the spirits of soldiers long gone seem to march alongside. Whether you believe in the supernatural or simply appreciate a good ghost story, the haunted tales of Fort McHenry add an extra layer of intrigue to this iconic landmark. As night falls and the stars twinkle overhead, consider venturing into the realm of the unknown at Fort McHenry. Embrace the chill of the night air, listen for the whispers of history, and allow yourself to be captivated by the enigmatic charm of this historic site steeped in both valor and mystery. You might even see shadowy figures. This is one of the best haunted attractions that is open all year long since it is a history sight.

Fort Howard Park Haunted Dungeons: Step into a realm where the veil between the living and the spectral is at its thinnest, where whispers of the past intertwine with the thrill of the present. The Fort Howard Park awaits, offering a spine-chilling experience that promises to linger in your memory long after the night has faded away. As you traverse the winding paths of Fort Howard Park, prepare to encounter a world of frights and delights orchestrated by otherworldly hosts. From eerie woods to torch-lit chambers, each twist and turn holds the promise of an unforgettable adventure into the unknown.

Immerse yourself in the haunting ambiance of the historic Fort Howard Park, where every shadow conceals a secret, and every corner may hold a ghostly surprise. Whether you're a seasoned thrill-seeker or a curious explorer, the Haunted Dungeons beckon with a blend of history, mystery, and spine-tingling excitement. Visit the park anytime for a haunted walk, but in October visit for the Haunted Dungeons for a truly spooky time. Join the ranks of intrepid visitors who have dared to explore the depths of Fort Howard Park's haunted legacy. Venture forth, embrace the shivers down your spine, and let the spirits of the past guide you through a night of thrilling escapades unlike any other.

As one of Baltimore's oldest homes, Mount Clare Museum House has its fair share of ghost stories. This historical site offers ghost tours that delve into the lives—and afterlives—of its former inhabitants. Experience a piece of Baltimore's colonial past while uncovering the mysteries that still linger within its walls.

This plantation house will give you a look at what life was like back in colonial times. The stories these walls could talk about, involving the slaves and indentured servants of this land. Looking at the past remnants of a previous time, you will feel transported back. This is not a real Halloween tour, but with the creaking floorboards as you take a walk in the house. You will feel its spookiness,

Haunted Hotel in Baltimore

Baltimore at night
Baltimore at night

If looking for a hotel to stay at in Baltimore with a storied past. Check out Lord Baltimore Hotel. Located in the heart of Downtown Baltimore, the Lord Baltimore Hotel stands as a testament to rich history and modern luxury. This historic establishment, constructed in 1928, offers a blend of elegance and contemporary comfort that captivates guests from near and far. The rooms at the Lord Baltimore Hotel are more than just spaces; they are sanctuaries of tranquility and sophistication. Boasting modern amenities and a commitment to cleanliness, each room provides a welcoming retreat for travelers seeking a memorable stay. Beyond the rooms, the public areas of the hotel are adorned with tasteful decor that pays homage to the property's storied past. Every corner exudes a sense of charm and refinement, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the unique ambiance of this architectural gem.

For those intrigued by tales of the supernatural, the Lord Baltimore Hotel holds an intriguing allure. Rumored to be haunted by ghostly guests, on the 19th floor especially due to a young girls suicide many years ago. She has also been spotted in the ballroom. The hotel adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to its already captivating persona. Whether you're a believer in the paranormal or simply fascinated by the unknown, the whispers of spectral visitors add an extra layer of fascination to the Lord Baltimore experience.

Embrace the Haunt

Baltimore's haunted attractions offer an exciting blend of history, mystery, and terror. Whether you're a local thrill-seeker, a family searching for a spooky adventure, or a traveler eager to explore the city's ghostly side, these attractions provide endless opportunities to embrace your adventurous spirit. 

Ready to embark on your next haunting journey? Start exploring the best Baltimore haunted attractions (or surrounding area) and let the ghosts of Charm City guide you through an unforgettable experience. Remember, the thrill is in the journey, and Baltimore's haunted attractions promise a ride you won’t soon forget! For more ghostly recommendations and updates, stay tuned and keep exploring!

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