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Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Travel to Europe.

Are you ready for an epic adventure? Well, pack your bags, because we are heading to Europe! And guess what? The best time to travel to Europe may surprise you. Yes, that’s right! Winter months are the perfect time to explore the charming streets of Europe while beating the crowds and saving money. In this blog, I am going to share with you why winter is the perfect time to travel to Europe and some of my favorite destinations to visit during the colder months.

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I Have been in Europe for most of the month of December so far in 2023. Visits to Rome, Florence, Marseilles Aux de Provance, Barcelona, Cadiz, Lisbon and several more cities along the way, and I absolutely love it. I flew into Rome and spent a few days before jumping on a transatlantic cruise that will eventually bring me back to the United States in New York City. 19-day trip total with 15 days on a cruise ship. This is a wonderful life.

Cheaper Prices and Fewer Crowds, traveling during winter to Europe:

Saint Maria Majjorie Basilica
Saint Maria Majjorie Basilica

Winter season is the low season in Europe, which means you can enjoy the same landscapes, attractions, and experiences at a fraction of the cost. You can grab flight deals and inexpensive hotels, which could save you plenty of money. Also, fewer crowds mean you can enjoy the beauty of Europe without all the hustle and bustle of summer. I know how to travel cheap, and am always looking for a deal. It has to be a good deal before I can even afford it. Honestly with Rome and Barcelona at a couple places, I was shocked at how crowded it still was with tourists. It really made me think wow, if it's busy now I can only imagine how busy it will be in July.

My 19 day trip in Europe was cheaper than my house payment and bills per month, and that includes flights, cruise, hotel, and food for 15 of those days. For a solo traveler like me, I think that is an amazing deal. And that is all because its winter, not tourist season, and due to a transatlantic cruise. (I am a deal hunter)

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Experience Winter Festivals while traveling Europe:

Christmas Market in Florence Italy near Saint Croce
Christmas Market in Florence Italy near Saint Croce

Europe is the land of festivals and winter is the season of magical winter festivals, which is a perfect celebration of wintertime cheer. You can visit Germany for the famous Christkindlmarkt Winter markets, enjoy the Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges, or lose yourself in the enchanted light festival of Amsterdam. Winter festivals in Europe offer a unique experience that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world. While I never visited the famous Christmas Markets in Germany, I did visit them in Rome, Florence, Marseilles, Barcelona, Seville, Lisbon and San Miguel.

Perfect for Skiing:

Picture of skiing
Picture of skiing

Whether you are an avid skier or just looking for an adventure, a winter visit to Europe is perfect for skiing. There are numerous ski resorts spread across the alps, where you can ski over the picturesque mountains and valleys while breathing in the crisp mountain air. For me, skiing is not my thing so just doing walking tours of historic sights suited me just fine. Europe temps were not terrible in my opinion. If you are not a snow bunny. I never seen any and temperatures were in these and 40s and 50s. So don't worry if you hate the cold. You should be fine in Southern Europe.


Fewer Lines at Museums and Attractions:

Only in winter would Piazza Navana be so uncrowded on a Sunday.
Only in winter would Piazza Navana be so uncrowded on a Sunday.

In the summer months, you can wait in line for hours at popular attractions and museums, but in the winter months, you can breeze through these lines and enjoy the art and history of Europe without the crowds. You can enjoy the art of the Van Gogh Museum, explore the history of the Colosseum, and visit the Louvre without any wait time. As you all might realize, I am a history nut, and on my December trip to Rome and Florence, I did not stand in a line at any place I wanted to visit. I went in Archeological sites, Basilicas, Museums and so much more. Did not wait once. How else was I going to get a picture of Galileo's middle finger. lol

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Winter Food and Drink:

Mulled wine and foods at Christmas Market
Mulled wine and foods at Christmas Market

Winter months provide a perfect opportunity to indulge in heartwarming and delicious local foods and drinks, such as hot chocolate, mulled wine, and other regional specialties. It’s easier to get a table at the most popular restaurants and savor the wintertime cuisine of each country. The mulled wine in Spain was absolutely delicious while eating what they are famous for, pork and tapas. Everyone always talks about Roasted Chestnuts in the United States. All those Hallmark Christmas movies and everything, but you know I have never seen them. True it maybe because I worked retail until this year and could not enjoy the Christmas season, but here in Rome I finally got to try roasted chestnuts.


Winter is often overlooked as the perfect time to visit Europe, but it can be one of the best times to go. As you can tell by my pictures, I have had a blast so far and still have many days left to enjoy Europe. You can save money, avoid the crowds, experience winter festivals, ski over the alps, view the museums without lines, and enjoy the delicious cuisine - all while having the time of your life. So, pack your warmest clothes especially in Northern Europe and book your winter adventure today!

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