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The Best Fishing Lakes in Bedfordshire, England

Are you ready to cast your line into some of the finest fishing lakes in Bedfordshire, England? This picturesque county, just a stone's throw from London, offers a diverse array of serene spots for fishing enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and nature lovers alike. Whether you're a seasoned angler or simply looking for a peaceful escape.

Bedfordshire's lakes promise an unforgettable experience with many great options. Buckle up as we embark on a journey to discover the different fishing lakes in this charming part of the UK!

Why Bedfordshire?


Located a mere 50 miles north of London, Bedfordshire is conveniently accessible for a perfect day trip. With its tranquil landscapes and rich biodiversity, this region is an oasis for those seeking a break from the bustling city life. The variety of fish species adds to the allure, making every fishing trip an adventure.

List of best fishing lakes in Bedfordshire

Pochard Fishery

Location: Near the village of Colmworth 

Fish Types: Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach 

Nestled in the serene countryside, Pochard Lake Fishery is a haven for carp enthusiasts. The well-stocked lake ensures a rewarding experience, whether you're fishing for sport or leisure. Plus, the verdant surroundings are a feast for the eyes.

Blunham Lake

Location: Blunham 

Fish Types: Carp, Tench, Bream, Rudd 

Blunham Lake offers a scenic backdrop and a variety of fish, making it a favorite among local anglers. The peaceful environment is ideal for a relaxing day by the water. This is the ideal place. This is the smallest lake in the Manor Farm Lakes area. If you are wanting to reach the River Ivel it is best to buy day tickets for this lake, just be cautious of the electric fence.

Carp Lake


Location: Bedford 

Fish Types: Carp 

When it comes to targeting big carp, Carp Lake in Bedford is unbeatable. This lake is a popular 4-acre gravel pit, well-managed and regularly stocked, ensuring a high chance of a great catch. With Koi Carp, Mirror Carp and Common Carp. One of the good things about this lake is catching Carp is best done during night fishing, and 16 tickets are available for night fishing. Part of the Manor Farm Lakes.

Trout Lake- Summerfields Trout Fishery

Location: Shefford 

Fish Types: Trout 

For those who enjoy fly fishing, Rainbow or Brown Trout, this lake in Shefford offers an exhilarating experience. The lake is well-maintained, and the clear waters make spotting trout a thrilling challenge. Larger fish (over 10lb, must be returned) Summerfield is a picturesque setting in the Bedfordshire countryside.


Booney's Lake

Location: Turvey 

Fish Types: Carp, Roach, Perch 

This 16-acre gravel pit, built in the late 1980’s. Booney’s Lake offers a peaceful retreat for anglers. The quiet location, Booney’s lake array of fish promises a rewarding day, whether you’re after carp or perch. Perfect for a quiet day on the lake.  Also part of the Manor Farm Lakes and a short walk from parking areas. After it was built it turned into the Warren Villas Nature Reserve. A mix of natural beauty and abundance of wildlife, Warren Villas Nature Reserve is perfect for those who love fishing in a natural setting. Its diverse range of fish species makes it an exciting spot for anglers.


Priory Lake

Location: Bedford 

Fish Types: Carp, Pike, Bream, Perch 

Located in Priory Country Park. Located in the heart of Bedfordshire, Priory Lake, one of the smallest lakes in the area, is a great option, a sprawling water body teeming with fish. Its accessibility and variety of species make it a popular choice for both local and visiting anglers.

Jones Pit

Location: Dunstable

Fish Types: Catfish, Carp, Bream, Perch, Tench, Roach

This is one of the longest running Carp and Catfish Specialists, stocked with fish from Woburn Abbey. Is the 1800’s. Jones Pit is a place known for a 50-pound Catfish that is a distinctive, white-mottled catfish. RK Leisure has helped with the success of this lake by major restocking, significant improvements in the car park and so much more.  With 2 lakes on premise, a 9 acre and a smaller lake at 3 acres, you are bound to find exactly what you are fishing for. 

Damsel Lake

Location: Sandy 

Fish Types: Carp, Tench, Roach 

Damsel Lake is a hidden gem in Sandy, offering a serene fishing experience. The lake is well-stocked, and the peaceful surroundings make it a perfect spot to unwind. Part of the Manor Farm Lakes. For camping enthusiasts, Manor Farm Lakes also offers a family-friendly camping and touring site, complete with 18 pitches and easy access to scenic walks in Biggleswade Common. Whether you're casting a line into the water or unwinding under the stars, Manor Farm Lakes promises a memorable outdoor adventure.


Dovecote Lake

Location: Willington

Fish Types: Carp, Tench, Roach 

Part of Harrold-Odell Country Park, Dovecote Lake is a beautiful spot for fishing. The well-managed lake and the picturesque setting make it a delight for all fishing enthusiasts. The largest fish was a 45-pound carp. This 55-acre tree lined gravel pit is the perfect place to spend the day fishing.

Tiddenfoot Lake

Location: Leighton Buzzard 

Fish Types: Carp, Pike, Bream, Roach 

Tiddenfoot Lake in Leighton Buzzard offers a diverse fishing experience. The lake's rich biodiversity ensures that there’s always something exciting waiting beneath the surface.

Becks Lake

Location: Bedford 

Fish Types: Carp, Tench, Bream 

Becks Lake provides a tranquil fishing experience with a variety of fish. The well-maintained, tree-lined gravel pit adding to the overall charm of this fishing spot. Also part of the Manor Farm Lakes. Manor Farm Lakes caters to both novice anglers and seasoned fishermen. The site's tranquil setting amidst woodlands provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing fishing experience.

McGregor Lake

Location: Milton Keynes 

Fish Types: Carp, Tench, Bream 

While technically part of Buckinghamshire, McGregor Lake is close enough to Bedfordshire to warrant a mention. It offers excellent fishing conditions and is popular among anglers in the region.


Winters Lake

Location: Bedford 

Fish Types: Carp, Tench, Roach 

In the heart of central Bedfordshire, Winters Lake is a top choice for those looking to fish year-round. The lake’s consistent stocking and variety of fish make it a reliable spot for pleasure anglers. This is considered to be one of the harder lakes to fish in the Manor Farm Lakes, due to size of fish, but still a cool place to visit for the day.

Halls Pit

Location: Bedford 

Fish Types: Carp, Tench, Bream 

Halls Pit is a charming fishing lake known for its serene environment and plentiful fish. It’s an ideal spot for a quiet day of fishing. With close parking at this L Shaped Lake, where you can visit all year long, make for one of many great options in Bedfordshire.

Grafham Water

Location: Huntingdon 

Fish Types: Trout, Pike, Zander 

Grafham Water is one of the largest reservoirs in the area, offering excellent fishing opportunities. With its vast expanse and variety of fish, it’s a must-visit for serious anglers. You can cast from a fishing boat or from the bank offering easy access for all fishing fans.

Stewartby Lake

Location: Marston Moretaine 

Fish Types: Carp, Pike, Bream 

Stewartby Lake is a part of the Millennium Country Park and offers a fantastic fishing experience. The lake is well-stocked and the surrounding parkland adds to its appeal. This place is great for more than fishing as it has a loop trail that surrounds the lake. Can be crowded at times and is near the main road.


Blue & Green Lagoon

Location: Wootton 

Fish Types: Carp, Tench, Roach 

Green Lagoon is a lesser-known spot that offers a peaceful fishing environment. The lake’s clear waters and variety of fish make it a hidden treasure for anglers. Join the fishing club for memberships and get on the waitlist.

Conclusion: A Fisherman's Dream

Bedfordshire’s lakes offer something for every angler, from the serene waters of Pochard Fishery to the expansive Grafham Water. Whether you're looking for a day trip from London or a weekend getaway, these lakes provide the perfect backdrop for your fishing adventures. So, pack your gear, gather your friends, and head to Bedfordshire for an unforgettable great sport of fishing!

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