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Mastectomy, Beach, and Bathing Suit

I was on the hunt for a bathing suit that will work for my mom who had a mastectomy this past November. She is doing good, but that's what makes this vacation in May more important than ever. Cancer does not discriminate, cancer does not wait, and you never know how much time is left. Plus, on top of that, mom has not had a vacation in over 5 years, she was the primary caretaker to my bedridden father who died last September. If there is anyone in this world that deserves a vacation it is my mother, and she wanted to go to the beach.

A couple months ago we were discussing a bathing suit for her. This was something I had never thought about. Now I see the difficulties for women with mastectomies and beach time. It was a learning experience for both of us, not only with the shopping, but the insecurities that go along with being in a bathing suit after a mastectomy. With hours of looking, reading reviews, and discussing with my mother on styles she liked, ordering, and sending back for refunds. This is what we ended up sticking with: The bathing suit, cover up, and prosthetic piece.

The Winner

After all was said and done, this was the one mom settled on. We ordered because of the ruffles, which appeared to make it more of a loose-fitting top part, purple was her favorite color and she wanted more of a boy short style.

The Good

-Great Reviews at 4.3 overall.

-Fits true to size.

-Over 30 colors to choose from.

-Size 8 to 20 available.

-Chlorine and salt water are safe.

-Flattering when worn due to the ruffles.

-Comfortable, adjustable straps on the back and shoulders.

-Built in bra support (for prosthetic pieces)

-Bra is comfortable and not showing.

-Boy Shorts are elastic and stretch.

-Comments on Amazon answered lots of questions.

-Free returns.

The Bad

The only drawback we had was at time of purchase. We were concerned because there was not a review of the bathing suit from a woman who had a mastectomy. We specifically typed in on Amazon mastectomy swimsuit but were worried since there was not any mention of it. Turns out, it worked, and mom loves it. We will be putting in a review on Amazon specifically mentioning mastectomy, after the actual trip. Another thing was the "float up issue", everyone who has had loose fitting bathing suit tops know about it. When in the pool, the bottom part of the top where it covers your belly tends to float up. Mom was not worried, since she would be floating in a lazy river more than swimming. So, we took a gamble on it, and it paid off.

The Winner

This is where we had the most difficulty shopping. There were so many questions. Thank goodness for the Amazon return policy. Should she get silicon or foam? What will look the most natural? She only needs one because she had only one breast removed, will it match close enough to her other breast? Decisions Decisions Decisions......

We learned that Silicon would not work. Foam was best because of swimming. Maybe other people had luck with silicon, but from what we were reading foam is the way to go.

The Good

-Comfortable, formed of 90% sponge and 10% cotton.

-Machine washable.

-Available in 4 sizes.

-Tear drop design gives natural visual effects.


-4.0 Reviews.

-Great for swimming.

- Lots of questions answered in the comments, so that was helpful.

The Bad

Based on the reviews we read that they are soft, but the edges are hard, and based on people who have ordered they tend to run small. We ordered 1 size larger. Turns out that was the right decision.

The Winner

Mom was looking for something not expensive, and purple is her favorite color. We ended up sticking with this one. It doesn't have anything to do with mastectomy, but when you are buying beachwear might as well include it.

The Good

-It fits true to size, it's made to be roomy

-Bohemian style

-V neck

-Loose style

-Light weight

-4.7 star review

-Pull on closure

- Durable

-Long, 53 inches

The Bad

As far as she can tell she loves it. We don't have anything bad to say about it. The only issue we saw was there were not many reviews, but that didn't matter too much. It still had a 4.7 review and lots of people have purchased it. Mom just wanted a cheap but nice cover up. Nothing fancy or expensive. Any cover up works for a mastectomy, so let your style be your own.

Fun in the Sun

After it was all said and done, purchases made, and refunds processed. Mom is extremely happy with the decision she made with these purchases for her upcoming vacation. I am sure in late May I will be doing a beach blog or 2 covering our vacation, so stay tuned for that. I will even follow up on how the actual swimming went for her and her purchases. I hope the information here has helped you out, and if you have had a mastectomy do not let that stop you from having some beach time. I hope everyone this summer has a wonderful beach vacation.

This post contains affiliate links that if clicked on and purchases made, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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Debbie Amos
Debbie Amos
May 02, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Hope you guys have a fantastic trip!!

I really enjoyed this post it is very informative!


N Whitt
N Whitt
May 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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