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JetBlue and Paris

In support of JetBlue and their new flights to Paris starting in June, I figured I would do a post about the prices of a flight, and some of my favorite sights in Paris. The City of Light will always have a special place in my heart.

JetBlue flights to Paris start on June 29th from JFK to Paris. And for my Charlotte peeps, we know we can get to JFK fairly cheap from CLT. JetBlue will be doing 1 flight a day going in each direction. Leaving JFK at around 5PM and landing in Paris at 6AM (the next day). The return flight will leave around 9AM and land at JFK at around 11AM. Remember everyone, time changes are the reason the flight times look funky.

I read an article that economy flights will be around $479 when they first announced the added flight. And this price was effective for bookings in March, but I am going to try and book one now, just to see how much the price has changed.

The Low Down

July 13th-July 20th, Economy (Blue Basic) $582 departure from JFK, and $602 departure from Paris. No layover anywhere.

*****Side note, not an issue here, but just learned that with Basic Blue a free Carry-On is not included unless you are on a transatlantic flight. (Lucky us, this is transatlantic).

Blue Basic plan:

-checked bag is not free, so pack light unless you are prepared to pay.

-Cannot change or cancel your flight (and get money back),

-Same day switch is not allowed.

-Free advance seat selection is not covered.

-No priority check in.

If you did Blue, (the step above Blue Basic). You will get:

-1 free checked bag.

-You can cancel or change flights.

-You can pick your seat early.

But you will have to pay an extra $170 to get this upgrade from Blue Basic to Blue. Not worth it in my opinion.

You are paying $1,184 roundtrip for this airfare. It's not the best deal I have ever seen, but not terrible. This is something I would definitely watch and shop around on. You can definitely find it cheaper if you are willing to have a layover somewhere. But direct flights are nice every once in a while, so if you want to splurge, do it.

The City of Light

I will be doing an extended blog on Paris at some point, but I figured on this post I would talk about a couple of my favorite things and my favorite hotel.

Hotel Carlton's- located in the 9th Arrondissement (Montmartre district). It is near the Red-Light District, close to 2 rail stations, and close to Sacre-Coeur (only about a 10-minute walk). It's also only a 10-minute walk to Moulin Rouge. The best part of this hotel is the rooftop terrace viewing area. The 2 pictures below are from the roof, and they do not do justice for how beautiful it truly is.

Hotel Carlton's is an older hotel, built in 1929, but very well finished, and art deco in style. History lesson for the was requistioned in WW2 by German forces and used by their officers.

Walk to Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre, also known as The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. It is up a hill but you can take the tram to save your feet and legs. While there, be like a Parisian and sit for a while, drink a beer or take a snack. Sit on the steps there and just relax while taking in the view of Paris. This place is also great for people watching. Near sunset is the best. Also, there is a great Lindt Chocolate shop near by.

Of course, like everyone else, go to the Eiffel Tower, but go across the street, and cross the bridge over the Seine River to Palais de Chaillot and take in the view from there. It's my favorite spot for a view of the tower. Plus hang out there for a bit, and people watch. There are always lots of people here. While I was here there was a protest going on, which is neat to see. Parisians know how to protest and are vocal when things are not being done the way they think they should. I was there during a transportation strike, and many people were upset about wages for workers. Since I'm American I know about protests, but it is different in Paris and interesting to watch for a bit.

The Seine River near the flower market area

Marche aux Fleurs Reine Elizabeth II is a flower market, with birds for sale. It is fairly close to Notre Dame, but this area is so pretty to walk around. Seriously, all of Paris is amazing to walk around, but I like this place the best. Near there is a very old building (Le Conciergerie) that is where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned and so was her son. Also, the Clock Tower is nearby, check it out. I believe the name is Tour de l'Horloge.

Walk around Pere Lachaise Cemetery in the 11th Arrondissement. A large, beautiful cemetery with lots of famous people buried there. It is amazing to see the tombs here and it is so peaceful and interesting. Look for Fredrick Chopin, Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison's grave. It is best to take the rail to Alexandre Dumas and walk a couple blocks to the entrance to the cemetery.

Au Revoir (Goodbye)

I hope that this post made you want to go check out the City of Light, and you have found the information on JetBlue helpful. It has definitely made me want to take another trip there for sure. If you ever need any travel advice, research or help with booking make an appointment on my website

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase I might earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

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