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Do not do this...... at the airport or on the plane!

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

With millions of people flying every day, there are a few things everyone should know about and do if they are flying. Some are for protection, others are just airport hacks, or airport things to avoid. So, if you are flying anytime soon check out this list, it might be beneficial to you, and you might get a laugh.

#1 Hackers beware.

Cell phone

Do not do public USB ports. You know the large airports are full of USB charging stations in waiting areas. In the past they have been life savers for some of us for charging our phones or other electronic devices. Well, maybe not so good anymore. Over the past few months or so the US government has found that these charging stations are hacking into your lives. Someone is always trying to mess up a good thing aren't they. lol This is called Juice Jacking. Hackers could have tampered with public USB chargers, letting them upload malware onto your phone and steal information. This isn't just at airports, I almost used one last night at a hotel then thought of this post and changed my mind. Since these chargers are at airports, I figured it was good info for you. Always pack your own chargers and cords and plug them into charge your devices. Just make sure you pack it in your carry on instead of your checked luggage.

#2 Do Drink lots of water.

Drink that water

Not only is this good for your health obviously, but with the pressure on your body with flying having extra water in you is a good thing. It is suggested to drink 8 ounces of water for every hour you are in the air flying. Airplanes are notoriously dry and you need the water to stay hydrated. Short flights this isn't so much of a problem, but longer flights it's probably best to drink enough water to make you go potty. You should get up, to get that blood flowing. This will help prevent DVT's (Deep Vein Thrombosis). I have had this in the past and it is not a good thing. For me, since that experience of a week in the hospital, I am always moving my legs during a flight even on short flights. Also did you realize that cabin humidity is usually lower than 20%, the cool dry filtered air on the flight will draw out the moisture in your body. Newer planes have a little bit higher cabin humidity but still can dehydrate you.

#3 Avoid Alcohol

Don't drink alcohol, I know when you are on vacation you like to have a drink at the airport or airplane, that makes it feel like vacation has already begun. But you should avoid it for 2 reasons. Dehydration as mentioned above is the number 1. If you decide to have a drink anyway, that's fine just follow it up with some water. The other reason to avoid alcohol on the flight, drinks are usually overpriced. You know me, I am always trying to save the budget.

#4 Funny Tummy??

Do ask for some Ginger Ale. It is an old-fashioned remedy, but it works. Ginger has always been known to help ease stomach issues, and with flying that can happen from time to time. Blame it on the stress, anticipation of the trip, or maybe just being up there in the air. Ginger Ale can help. Also, with being 30,000 feet in the air, your taste buds may act a little different. If water is not tasting good to you, try the carbonation, the bubbles taste different that high up.

Avoid sweets

#5 Avoid Cinnabon and Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

You pass through security, and you smell the sweet cinnamon and sugar calling your name. Do not do it!!!!!I know I have been guilty of this a million times. And as a person who loves sweets and unhealthy food in general this is a hard one to give up. But 1 Cinnamon roll is over 800 calories and can easily mess with your belly on a flight. Save those calories for after you land. and save that airport or airplane bathroom you do not need to blow it up. lol

#6 Avoid standing at the gate.

We have all seen it, the airline crew announces boarding priority, or business, or people with disabilities. And all of the sudden what looks like 400 people are standing there hovering like they're about to be called on down to play the Price is Right. lol. These people will stand there slowly moving up to where the line starts, even though they have another 20 minutes before their zone is called to board the plane. I know this is a personal thing, but I absolutely hate it. This is blocking people from getting to the gate when their zone has been called, or even yet, if there are gates beyond your gate, you are blocking the flow of traffic in the rest of the terminal.

Sleeping. Should you?

#7 Don't sleep in airport.

I know this can be hard if you have a long layover and already been flying for hours, but you could be asking for trouble. You might fall asleep and miss your next flight. Plus sleeping in an airport leaves you very vulnerable to pickpockets. Do your best to stay awake, take a little walk if you need to. When you get on the plane, hopefully then you can catch a few winks. Here is a great pillow to help with that. MLVOC travel pillow.

#8 Do not take sedatives.

It is tempting to take something to help you sleep on a long flight, but if the medicine you take is strong, it might leave you incapacitated when you should be alert. You may have to get up a few times for people to pass you so they can go to the bathroom, or what if there is an emergency on the flight and you are needed to help out because you are sitting in an emergency row exit. Wouldn't it be awful that because you were incapacitated that the flight crew thought there was something wrong with you, so they do an emergency landing at a different airport to get you to a hospital. (I was on a flight once where this happened, it added 2 hours to my flight with that stopover for someone who took a sedative). Also, did you know sedatives increase your risk of blood clots on an airplane. Just don't risk it, avoid sedatives.

#9 Talking loudly on phone.

Talking to loud

If you are using your phone at the airport, step away to a quiet area, and just avoid it if you are on the plane waiting for takeoff. If you do have to have a quick conversation, don't talk too loud, it will be bothersome to the rest of the people in the area. The worst experience I had on a plane was a guy talking way too loud on the phone just before takeoff, I heard the whole conversation, and what he asked his wife to cook for dinner. lol. The Stewardess asked 3 times for him to get off the phone.

#10 Why ya gotta be so rude. lol

Most importantly, be nice. Everyone there is sleepy, grumpy, anxious (Am I naming smurfs. lol) It is best to put on a smiling face, and to not sweat the small stuff. We are all just trying to get from point A to point B. I saw one time a man yell at a woman because her kid was crying. Talk about lack of respect. We are all flying out for different reasons, work, family emergency, or vacation, so you never know what the person next to you is going through. The airport workers are trying their best also. Situations arise behind the scenes we may not know about. Plus, most airports are understaffed, and call outs happen. Be nice and kind, it will help for a calm experience.

I hope you enjoyed this post, just some tips from the experienced airport traveler, and hope you got a few laughs out of it too.

Crystal Travel

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Debbie Amos
Debbie Amos
May 16, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great tips!! Thank you


N Whitt
N Whitt
May 12, 2023
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informative and entertaining read!

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