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Best Sushi in the Charlotte North Carolina Area!


Oh, sushi! That delicate dance of vinegar-kissed rice with fresh fish embraced by an umami hug of seaweed; it's poetry on a plate, and we are here for it! If your taste buds yearn to embark on an aquatic adventure right here in the heart of the Carolinas, you've come to the perfect place. I'm taking you on a tantalizing tour to unearth the best sushi spots in Charlotte, North Carolina, that are worth writing home (or all-over social media) about. Charlotte's sushi scene has exploded. 

From the uptown lanes brimming with energy to the serene, tree-lined edges where Charlotte whispers her culinary secrets, we're about to dive deep into the local sushi scene. Whether you’re a resident with a seasoned palette, a traveler with a sushi checklist, or someone who just loves a good food tale, you're in for a scrumptious journey.

The Best Spots for Sushi Satisfaction in Charlotte!

123 E 5th Street Suite 100 Charlotte NC


Right near the heartbeat of uptown, in the 4th Ward, a hidden gem awaits. The Saku Yakitori and Sushi Bar is one of the best sushi restaurants, and quite frankly, if I shout it out loud, we might never get a seat again! But it’s there, and trust me, it's worth every covert operation to find it. Their wide variety is not the only thing that should bring you to this restaurant. Here, the Jade Dragon Roll doesn’t just breathe fire, it ignites your soul with its roasted wasabi aioli drizzle.

1717 Sardis Road N #6 - A Charlotte NC

Imagine walking through an unassuming door and finding yourself aboard a sushi-serving vessel. New Zealand Cafe offers more than sushi, but their sushi rolls are a nautical dream, serving not only sushi but also a treasure trove of seafood delights. Check out their Charlotte Roll? Aye Aye, Captain – a culinary treasure worthy of the seven seas.

cruise critic

2173 Hawkins Street A Chalotte NC


Eclipsing many in quality, The Yamazaru Sushi and Sake is where locals of the South End queue for quintessential sushi. Their Spicy Tuna roll is a love letter from the ocean direct to your mouth – absolutely unmissable. But there is so much more than sushi here, so check this place out if you are craving any Asian Food including Japanese cuisine.

2440 Park Rd Charlotte NC

Rated in the top 3 for a few years and being open for over 20 years, this place knows how to make sushi. Ru San’s is a haven for nigiri that'll sway any sushi purist's heart. Each slice of fish is a perfect haiku of flavor. Plus, their specialty rolls are out of this world.  Try the Rich and Famous Roll, it's a little bit spicy.

120 N. Sharon Amity Road Charlotte NC

Fancy a sushi roll that's experimented with its identity and come out a winner? Kioshi throws the traditional rulebook out and introduces flavors that'll have you applauding the innovation. They have everything from sushi to Japanese Restaurant cuisine. If you want something different, try the Pink Floyd Roll.

401 S Tryon Street Suite # 130 Charlotte NC


Located in Uptown, where chefs are the open book of all thing's sushi. Indulge in masterpieces that ooze creativity and passion. From Vegetarian Rolls to Hand Rolls, they have it all. It can be a little bit pricey and have an intimate setting, but when you have a Japanese Steakhouse with it you know it is going to be good. Got a question about your roll? Dive into a conversation and come out wiser and satisfied beyond belief. Try the Angry Bird Roll when you visit.


4310 Sharon Rd Charlotte NC

For something a little bit different try the Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. Those who love their sushi expeditions to be completed with a burger you will be delighted with this place. With locations in Raleigh NC and Orlando Florida you know when they have a couple locations the burger and sushi combo is a great thing.  Get their version of a Bento Box that way you can get both sushi and burgers. Their spicy aioli is amazing, and they are one of many that offer online ordering.

720 Governor Morrison Suite # 130 Charlotte NC 


With a Chef that paints each plate like a canvas, Yama Asian Fusion Artisan is where sushi becomes art. From the vibrant colors to the stunning arrangements – it's almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. This is an elegant place with higher prices, so make it a special occasion and get the Magic Roll.

1523 Elizabeth Ave # 130 Charlotte NC

For those who like their sushi coming at them with choices aplenty, Rockin Rolls Sushi will delight in circling oceans of options right to your seat. Pick, choose, and eat until the sushi says stop (it never does)! Some people may not like this option, but I love it for trying something new that you see and hear about in other cities, so why not try it out in Charlotte NC.

2275 Dave Lyle Blvd Rock Hill, SC

Who says you can't have your sushi and eat Chinese too? Ginza Chinese  Buffet overturns any insipid experiences you've had with buffet sushi. Fresh, flavorful, and fantastically varied, you'll find rolls here that could convert even the most skeptical sushi aficionados. I am sure I will catch a lot of flak for this place, but it is absolutely wonderful with a huge selection of sushi on the buffet bar. Yes, it is technically outside of Charlotte NC being located in Rock Hill SC, but the 30-minute drive is well worth it for unlimited sushi.


In the Charlotte area, the sushi scene is as vivid and delightful as the city itself. While some purists might argue that great sushi can't be found far from the coast, these haunts shatter the myth with the audacity of a karate chop.

Whether you're boldly venturing into sushidom for the first time or you're a nigh-on mermaid with sushi expertise, Charlotte's got a roll with your name on it. So, grab those chopsticks with the grip of destiny and let the good rolls, well, roll – Charlotte-style! Remember, the best sushi in Charlotte, North Carolina, is just a hop, skip, and a 'soy sauce dip' away.

And hey, if you discover a gem I haven't mentioned, don’t hold back – share that sushi love! Until then, keep rolling and trolling, my fabulous foodies.

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