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Seattle to San Fransico

Updated: Apr 18

Pictures are from my Pacific Coast Trip. Cannon Beach Oregon, Cape Meares area Tillamook Oregon, and Arcadia Beach Oregon


All 3 of these pictures were taken in Costal Northen Oregon, and all within an hour's drive. I have a million more pictures of this section or Oregon, and also all the way down the coast of Oregon. I traveled onto to San Fransico, via the 101 and then onto route 1.

If planning to do this amazing scenic drive, you must give yourself several days, or you will be to be rushed and not have time to enjoy, explore and relax. If interested in the deep dive of the trip from Seattle to San Fransico. Please give me a yell, I have so much information on this area. And look for future blogs on these places.

These are the Fluffy Butt Beach Elk I refer to in my Pacific Coast Roadtrip posts. I just keep forgetting to post the picture. They are actually called Roosevelt Elk, but you can tell you I all them Fluffy Butt Beach Elk. They are all over the Northwest region. Spotted them near Mount Rainer Washington, Cannon Beach Oregon, Fort Bragg Californinia, and Cresent City California and everywhere in between.

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