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Lawrenceburg Kentucky, Bourbon and Beyond

Updated: Nov 6

Just outside of Lexington Kentucky, and an easy drive from either Cincinnati Ohio, Lexington Kentucky, or Louisville Kentucky. This cute little town is a perfect little place to stay for a few days and explore the Bluegrass State. Giving you small town country charm, history lessons, outdoor activities and of course BOURBON!!!!!!

Here is my YouTube short of the pictures of Lawrenceburg KY if you would like to watch it.

Downtown Lawrenceburg
Downtown Lawrenceburg

A few years back I lived in Kentucky, not far away from Lawrenceburg so I became familiar with some of the sights while living in the area. That is the great thing about moving to different areas, you get to explore like a tourist and learn so much more about that area. So, for this post I will give you some of my favorite spots, along with some of my family members favorite places. This is when I got to check out all the bourbon distilleries nearby.

Lawrenceburg, located in the heart of Kentucky, is a charming city known for its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and warm hospitality. This city, founded in 1820 and named after Captain James Lawrence, a War of 1812 naval hero, has a lot to offer visitors. Settlers to Kentucky were often Irish and Scottish, who are known for making whisky, and Kentucky had the perfect temperature for making bourbon, so this is how Kentucky became known for its Bourbon Trail.


Lawrenceburg Splash Park
Lawrenceburg Splash Park

Vertigo Bungee

Jump off a bridge above the Kentucky River. Located near the Wild Turkey Distillery, east of Lawrenceburg on Route 62. Check out their website, it looks like a great experience for those ready for a head rush!!!! Located near Wild Turkey Bourbon Distillery.

Anderson County Community Park

For those who prefer outdoor activities, Anderson County Community Park offers plenty of recreational options like walking trails, sports fields, and picnic areas. A perfect little place in Lawrenceburg Kentucky for some outdoor activities.

Lawrenceburg Splash Park

Visit the splash park, splash around in the water, walk the trails and picnic areas. It's a great place to spend some time outside and enjoy the summertime in Lawrenceburg Kentucky.

Wild Turkey Trace Golf Course in Lawrenceburg Kentucky

Try your hand at some golf, come to the club. If you like they also have the Sand Trap Bar and Grill where you could taste some of that yummy Bourbon from Lawrenceburg Kentucky.

Downtown Lawrenceburg Christmas Festival
Downtown Lawrenceburg Christmas Festival

Rising Sons Home Farm Winery

A wonderful winery you must check out. Go have a tasting, their red wine is the best.

Bella Vista Equestrian Center (Arabian Horse Farm Tour)

Stop by take a look at the horses, these are award winning horses, click on the website to learn more about the center.

Lovers Leap Vineyard & Winery

Visit the winery, take a tour, do a tasting and buy some wonderful wine.

Beaver Lake

Visit the lake for some fishing. Catch some bass, catfish, or whatever else pops up on your line. They have a pier, and it is handicap accessible.

There are plenty of other attractions nearby, proving that Lawrenceburg is a wonderful place to stay. Take a drive to Frankfort for Whiskey Thief Distilling Co, Kentucky State Capitol, Buffalo Trace Distillery, Castle & Key Distillery, Prodigy Vineyard & Winery and Daniel Boone graveside. Visit Versailles for Woodford Reserve Distillery, and The Kentucky Castle. Or drive on out to Van Buren Boat Ramp at Taylorsville Lake, in Mt Eden. As you can tell there is a lot of bourbon in this area.

Lawrenceburg Kentucky Bourbon

Wild Turkey Distillery

One of the most popular attractions in Lawrenceburg Kentucky is the Wild Turkey Distillery. This historic distillery has been producing some of the finest bourbon in the world since the 19th century. A tour of the distillery offers a fascinating insight into the bourbon-making process. Wild Turkey Distillery is one of my favorites to visit. Take a tour, do a tasting, visit the gift shop, and explore the grounds. The grounds area is a great place to walk around and overlook the Kentucky River below. Located just east of Lawrenceburg on Route 62. 13 years later I still have my signed Wild Turkey Bottle from a tour.

A little Wild Turkey Bourbon History

In 1869, the Ripy brothers, James and John, established the Ripy Brothers Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. They began producing bourbon whiskey, which quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional quality. The distillery continued to operate under various ownerships and names over the years. In the early 20th century, it was renamed the Thomas Ripy Distillery after one of the Ripy brothers' sons. During Prohibition, from 1920 to 1933, the distillery, like many others, was forced to cease production and distribution of alcoholic beverages. However, the Ripy family managed to continue their operations through a license to produce medicinal whiskey.

After Prohibition ended, the distillery went through several changes in ownership and branding. In 1940, the distillery was purchased by the Gould Brothers, who renamed it the Old Hickory Distillery. It was during this time that the Wild Turkey brand was born. In the 1950s, under the guidance of Thomas McCarthy, a distillery executive, the name "Wild Turkey" was chosen for the bourbon. Legend has it that the name came about when McCarthy shared some bourbon with his friends on a turkey hunting trip, and they were so impressed that they requested "some of that wild turkey whiskey." In the 1970s, the Austin, Nichols & Co. company acquired the Old Hickory Distillery and the Wild Turkey brand. The company focused on expanding the brand's reach and introducing new expressions to cater to different tastes. In the early 2000s, the Campari Group, an Italian spirit's company, purchased the Wild Turkey brand and distillery. This acquisition brought financial stability and global distribution opportunities to Wild Turkey. The bourbon tasting here was amazing, an is a great place to visit in Lawrenceburg Kentucky.

Four Roses Distillery

Another must-visit for whiskey enthusiasts is the Four Roses Distillery. This distillery is renowned for its Spanish Mission-style architecture and its single-story rack warehouse that ensures consistent aging of the bourbon. I just love the style of this building. It is something you would never expect to see in Lawrenceburg Kentucky.

A little Four Roses Bourbon History

Four Roses Distillery has a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. Here is an overview of the distillery's historical journey. In 1884, Paul Jones Jr., a prominent bourbon distiller, founded the Four Roses brand. The name "Four Roses" was inspired by a story of a Southern belle who wore a corsage of four roses, with each flower representing a marriage proposal. During the Prohibition era from 1920 to 1933, the production and sale of alcoholic beverages were prohibited. However, Four Roses managed to stay afloat by legally producing medicinal whiskey, which was prescribed by doctors at the time.

After the repeal of Prohibition, Seagram's, a Canadian spirits company, acquired the Four Roses brand and distillery in 1943. Under Seagram's ownership, Four Roses shifted its focus away from the American market and primarily produced blended whiskey for export. For several decades, Four Roses bourbon was primarily available overseas, particularly in Japan, where it gained a loyal following. The bourbon was highly regarded for its quality and distinctive character. In 2002, Kirin Brewery Company Ltd., a Japanese beverage company, purchased the Four Roses brand and distillery from Seagram's. Kirin aimed to bring Four Roses bourbon back to the American market and restore its prominence. Today, Four Roses Distillery operates in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, where it continues to produce bourbon using traditional methods and a unique combination of five proprietary yeast strains and two mash bills. You have to do a bourbon tasting here.


Lawrenceburg Kentucky offers a variety of dining options, from traditional American cuisine to international flavors and you can get.

Heavens to Betsy! Bakery and Deli

A local favorite, Heavens to Betsy! offers a range of delicious sandwiches, salads, and baked goods. Don't miss their famous Kentucky Hot Brown sandwich!

Bluegrass Sabor

Closed on Sundays, but if you have a chance to come here, do so, it is great. It is great for breakfast and lunch; their sandwiches are the best.

Craft House Pizza

If you want delicious pizza, come here. It is rate 5 stars on Yelp! The also have salads, pasta, sandwiches and a long list of appetizers. They even have alcoholic drinks here so you can possibly have some more bourbon.

Off the Ground Coffee

If you love coffee, you need to come to this place. It is the best in the area. Plus, you have to try their muffins and other pastries.


Horse training, this is horse race central around here
Horse training, this is horse race central around here

There are several comfortable accommodations in Lawrenceburg Kentucky that cater to different budgets, and access to bourbon tours.

Best Western Lawrenceburg Inn

This hotel offers comfortable rooms, a pool, and a complimentary breakfast. It's conveniently located near many of the city's attractions.

Saffell House Bed and Breakfast

For a more personal touch, consider staying at Saffell House Bed and Breakfast. This charming Victorian-era home offers comfortable rooms and a delicious homemade breakfast.

There are also Airbnb and VBRO rentals available in the area. Especially if you are wanting to stay farther into the country. Bourbon Barrel Cottages are new to me, but I just love the looks, and what they have to offer. They have 5 cottages on the property. You can check them out on their website and Airbnb. They are really cute! Enjoy a fire pit or even the hot tub! They also offer Specialty Bourbon Tours you might want to check out.

Lawrenceburg Kentucky, with its rich history, delicious food, comfortable accommodations, and bourbon truly offers something for everyone. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or a bourbon enthusiast, you're sure to find something to love about this charming Kentucky city. I hope you enjoyed this blog. There will be more to come from this Bluegrass State.

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