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Official best things to do in Covington Georgia!

Updated: Mar 17

Covington Georgia
Covington Georgia

Nestled in the heart of Georgia, the historic charms of Covington await the intrepid traveler. Beyond the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, this idyllic town serves up a delightful blend of adventure, culture, and Southern hospitality. Whether you're a local seeking new discoveries in your own backyard, a family in search of a memorable vacation, or an adventurer looking to explore a vibrant destination, Covington has something for everyone.

The city of Covington is worth a long weekend stay, and at only 1 hour away from Atlanta makes for an easy trip. For those flying into Atlanta International Airport or who live in Atlanta it's an easy trip. So rent a car and take a family trip. You will not be disappointed in taking this trip. In this post I will be giving you some info, history, attractions, restaurants, and accommodations. The best things to do in Covington Georgia.


Covington Courthouse
Covington Courthouse

Just off of Interstate 20 and an hour east of Atlanta, this city will relax you from the big city and show off its southern charm. I guarantee everyone who has ever watched TV or movies has seen Covington already. There have been over 25 movies or TV series filmed here, or at least partly filmed here. The Vampire Diaries, Sweet Magnolias, Remember the Titans, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Sweet Home Alabama, just to name a few. That is one of the best things to do is visit places you have seen on TV or in the movies, since to some this area is known as the Hollywood of the South.

Covington has a population of over 14,000, which is still quite a bit larger than these films and movies make you believe. But you can still get the sweet small town feel when visiting.


Covington became incorporated in 1821 and was named for a US senator who was a war hero from the War of 1812. The railroad helped the area grow through the 1800's and during the Civil War General Sherman and his famous March to the Sea came through the city. Of course, during the march to the sea many buildings were looted and destroyed by fire, but several homes remained untouched and are still around today, all considered to be a historic building. There are 2 historic districts in the area. The North Covington Historic District and Covington Historic District. Check them out.

Lockwood Mansion
Lockwood Mansion

The best things to do in Covington Georgia.

  • Mystic Falls Tour- If you are a fan of Vampire Diaries this is the tour to take. See sites filmed in the show. Character homes, Lockwood Mansion, the park and so much more. While on this tour you will obviously see sights from Sweet Magnolias, a show on Netflix. For example, Mystic Grill in downtown, first featured in Vampire Diaries and named Sullivans restaurant for Sweet Magnolias. If you are a Sweet Magnolias fan you can easily spot the Spa, and the courthouse downtown.

  • While driving you can go to Oxford Georgia just 15 minutes away to see The Boars Nest, Boss Hogs restaurant from the Dukes of Hazzard. It isn't a restaurant; it is actually a church now.

  • Main Street Trolley Tours- Take a tour of many TV and movie sites. From Heat of the night to Dukes of Hazzard, and so many more. While on the tour you will hear stories about the shows. Covington Movie tours are a great way to see the area.

Elena GIlbert House
Elena Gilbert House
  • Covington Ghost Tours is a walking tour of the historic downtown area. See if you get spooked by learning about several Civil War ghosts and the ghost of Cecilia the Gaither Mansion

  • Historic Home Self-guided tour- just pick up a brochure from the visitor center downtown and take a walk around. The brochure is easy to follow. Some of the places are on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Turner Lake Park is a 26-acre lake with easy hiking trails, and a paved path around the beautiful lake. Several picnic tables, fishing opportunities, basketball courts, baseball field with batting cages. Go there for a relaxing walk around the lake or some sporting activities.

  • Walking downtown Covington is great, the southern charm of the city will make you feel right at home.

  • Covington Square is a great place located downtown. Events are often held here all year long. Some events like the 4th of July in the Square celebration, live music from time to time, Christmas events and the town also has the Covington Fuzz Run which is the best race in the State of Georgia. Be sure to look up the scheduled events here, before planning your trip to explore Covington GA. The town square is the perfect place for people watching.

Electrocuted Cow Art Installation
Electrocuted Cow Art Installation

Other Nearby Sights

Here are a few more places to check out, they are in nearby cities.

  • Sac's O Suds, and Courthouse from My Cousin Vinny is located nearby in Monticello GA

  • Fried Green Tomatoes Movie Cafe is located in Juliette GA

  • The church from Sweet Magnolias is located in McDonough GA

  • Electrocuted cows (art installation) in Conyers area of Georgia.


Twelve Oaks Bed and breakfast, built in 1836 and is absolutely beautiful. It has also been featured in films. They have 8 guest rooms and breakfast daily.

Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Laquinta Inn and Baymont by Wyndham are other great places to stay in Covington. There are plenty of laces to choose from.


Mystic Grill
Mystic Grill
  • Mystic Grill mentioned before as an attraction because of its ties to TV. They serve great southern food, Shrimp and Grits and Chicken and Waffle Sliders are great.

  • The Social Goat has great food and is known for their Sunday Brunch. They even have events like a comedy shows at the restaurant. This is one of the best restaurants in Covington, and perfect for a date night.

  • Scoops has amazing ice cream with a variety of cones. I have never had a pretzel cone before coming here. Check it out. They also have old timey candy.

  • Your Pie has a variety of pizzas with gluten free and vegetarian options this can be a real busy place. I like Nate's Pesto, or Buffalo Chicken Pizza. They also have pasta, beer, gelato and friendly service.

  • City Pharmacy has amazing food. Check out the grilled avocado and check out the crab and pimento alfredo. This is a little bit fancy and a bit pricier but wonderful food.

  • Amici Italian Cafe is a wonderful affordable Italian place that serves wings and sandwiches too. Check out the chicken parmesan. They also have franchising opportunities.

  • Walden's Restaurant has some of the best fish I have ever had, get a catfish meal and add shrimp if you want. The Southern Brunswick Stew is great too.

  • Five O'clock Sports Bar is great with a huge menu. Sandwiches, Burgers, Hotdogs, and even more. Love the atmosphere here, and the food is affordable and great. Fried Jalapeno chips are yummy.

  • If you are looking for some of the best coffee shop, check out Bread and Butter Bakery or Local Coffee House and Study Lounge. These both are great.

I hope this blog inspires you to take a trip to Covington GA and check out the surrounding area. It is a great escape from the city of Atlanta or road trip from anywhere else in the south.

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