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Best Biscuit in the Charlotte NC area

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Biscuits are a wonderful breakfast item. Heck, give me a crumbly butter biscuit for dinner and I will gobble it down. So, I have been on the hunt around Charlotte NC for the best biscuit. Whether it is a biscuit sandwich, biscuits and gravy or just a biscuit and jam, I will give you the low down on the Queen City's best biscuit.

has 2 locations in the Charlotte NC area. The company originated in Jacksonville Florida in 2012 and were featured on The Food Network. The Maple Street Bacon Company make their biscuits from scratch daily and have locations all over the country. Many of the signature biscuits have Chicken, which I will never complain about. But they also have 3 different versions of Biscuits and Gravy. Plus, Waffles, frittaffles and so much more. I have never tried their frittaffle but it sounds great. My favorite Biscuit is the Squawking Goat. It is the best, I love goat cheese, and this is the one featured on Food Network. Also, if you are feeling a bit boozy in the morning, try one of the mimosas.

Vicious Biscuit opened its door in Mount Pleasant SC in 2018 and has since then opened up 4 more locations with more on the way. One of which is in Charlotte NC. The Crab Benny, and the Vicious Benny look absolutely amazing, but the Sea Biscuit is one of the best things I have ever eaten. Vicious Biscuit a new take on biscuits, no more basic egg and bacon biscuit here. The closest you will get to it is the Animal Farm which has candied bacon. You absolutely have to try this place. I highly recommend the biscuits, but they have other breakfast options. Also, just a random side note, check out their merchandise. I love their Son of a Biscuit T-shirt.

The Flying Biscuit with 29 locations in 4 different states, The original Flying Biscuit opened up in Atlanta Georgia 30 years ago. Them being around that long and expanding to different states proves they have the best biscuits. Their biscuits are made from scratch and have been a favorite of mine and many other people for a while now. With 3 locations in the Charlotte area, you will have plenty of places to check them out. They have a large menu but I always order their Fluffy Flying Biscuit with Cranberry Apple Butter is my absolute favorite item. Of course, I always get something else to go along with it, like Chorizo Hash or Pancake Tacos. I have even been known to get orders of those biscuits and Cranberry Apple Butter to go, for a later in the day snack.

Ruby Sunshine is a new one for me as I have only been there once, but I was not disappointed at all. Ruby Sunshine is known for brunch, originally started in New Orleans. So, you get the best southern breakfast and lunch options the Big Easy can offer. Plus, boozy drinks. They are opening up locations across the country and we are lucky enough to have one here in the Charlotte NC area and a new location on Johnson Rd will open soon. I saw a picture of the Blue Crab Cake Benedict and it looks delicious so that will be my next purchase. I recently tried their Biscuit with their in house made Cane-syrup butter and it was the best flaky biscuit I have had in a while. I also tried their breakfast sandwich, and it was delicious.

Zada Janes Corner Cafe, the one and only. This is not a chain, located in the Plaza MIdwood area, and opened in 2008. There is just something about a restaurant that is the one and only. It makes the restaurant truly special. Its unique style and atmosphere make it worth a visit all in itself. Their biscuits are great, so definitely come and try them, but the other menu options are my favorites. You have to get Booker T's East Side Hasher. It is the best. They are also opened for lunch and early dinner, so come and check them out later in the day also.

Biscuitville is a fast-food staple in North Carolina. And I have been eating at a Biscuitville every chance I get since I was a child during roadtrips. With its first location opening in 1975 in Danville VA, by the next year there were 8 total with most locations in North Carolina. If I am near one, I will stop. Usually I am in the Greensboro/Raleigh area when I get to eat there, but there are a few locations in the Charlotte area (Indian Trail, Concord, and now opening in Indian Land in July) They are the best, quick and cheap options to make my list. Bacon Egg and Cheese, Spicy Chicken and Honey, and The Cuban are the best in my opinion. They also have other breakfast items available. So, if you have a chance to grab a biscuit you will not be disappointed. The new Indian Land location will be a weekly visit after it opens.

Famous Toastery is a local favorite. Started in 2005, its first location opened just up the road from Charlotte, in Huntersville NC. Now with 40 restaurant locations all over the east coast, and franchising opportunities if you are interested. I have visited this restaurant more times than I can count because 1 of the locations is less than a mile away from where I live. I have tried their biscuit sandwich, because you know I am all about the biscuit. But other options on the menu are in my opinion better than their biscuits. Avocado Benedict and Huevos Rancheros are my go-to eats here at Famous Toastery, they are the best. If you are feeling boozy you can get a flight of mini mimosas. In addition to breakfast they are open for lunch and have great sandwiches.

Another Broken Egg Cafe is another Louisiana cafe that first opened in 1996, and has spread all over the United States since. With 2 locations in the Charlotte area (Fort Mill and Rock Hill) They have biscuits but the other items on their menu are my favorites. Especially the Pancakes and French Toast, if you come here try the Cinnamon Roll French Toast is the best. This place reminds me a lot of Famous Toastery. Since they are similar that is why I placed them towards the bottom of the list. The bottom of the list isn't a bad thing. You will still get great food when you are here, just not my favorite biscuits.

I hope you have enjoyed this little blog about the best biscuits in the Charlotte NC area. I am sure my opinion is different from some of you all, but I do hope it opens your eyes to amazing restaurants in the area you may not have known about. Now get out there and grab a biscuit.

Cruise Critic

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